Instagram Is Loving Padma Lakshmi's Jurassic Park Look

Fans of "Top Chef" always want to see the show visit new locales. A Reddit thread explored some of these possibilities, and fans particularly loved the idea of the contestants and judges going to Hawaii, Atlanta, Memphis, Tucson, and even Kansas City. Throughout the thread, no one mentioned how they wish the show might visit Jurassic Park or include some dinosaur-themed episodes, but all of that might change thanks to one particular post that Padma Lakshmi shared to her Instagram.

The star posted a selfie with a T-Rex skeleton in the background alongside a caption reading, "Welcome To Jurassic P- I mean @bravotopchef! In this week's elimination challenge, the cheftestants cook up dishes inspired by dinosaurs and we dined in the beautiful Houston Museum of Natural Science." Followers love the photo of Lakshmi, and the dinosaur touch, and per the usual way of social media, have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts.

Is a brontosaurus burger on the menu?

Eager followers quickly jumped into the Instagram thread with clever replies ranging from, "Is brontosaurus a gamey meat or does it taste like chicken?" to "Y'all shouldn't be eating dinosaur. Pretty sure it's an endangered species." Another fan suggests, "You have to think that some of the dinos must have been pretty tasty, right?!"

The dinosaur skeleton apparently made some users hungry, inspiring comments like, "Should have put a raw tomahawk steak next to t-rex," and "I'll have a Brontosaurus Burger!" 

Fans are loving the "Top Chef" judge's look, too, with some writing "Love the beautiful pictures," and, "This is so cool! And so is your fashion, Padma!"

The post wowed 9,815 fans thus far who tapped the heart button, and it serves its purpose of prepping folks for the upcoming episode of "Top Chef." Perhaps this dino photo and new episode in the Houston Museum of Natural Science will even inspire fans to ask for the show to go beyond the standard American city and explore some more archaeological themes in the future.