Fazoli's Just Added A New Pasta To Its 5 Under $5 Deal

In 2020, Fazoli's introduced their 5 Under $5 menu. The restaurant chain explained in a Facebook post that this was a special menu that consisted of five dishes for which you'd pay less than $5. These were Ravioli and Fettuccine Bake, Small Fettuccine Alfredo, Small Spaghetti with Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce, and Double-Slice Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, as well as a Chicken Parmesan and Pasta Duo.

Now, however, it looks like the menu is changing up a bit with the addition of a sixth option. On April 16, Chew Boom shared the news that starting on June 26, you will be able to order a Lasagna and Fettuccine Bake as part of the 5 Under $5 menu. As the name suggests, it combines fettuccine with the meat of a lasagna which is then converted by mozzarella and parmesan. Whether this dish will actually add a new slot to the special menu or replace an older offering was not stated.

Fazoli's has been firing on all cylinders

The Lasagna and Fettuccine Bake is not the only innovation Fazoli's has made to its 5 Under $5 menu this year. In January, as Chew Boom reported, Fazoli's also debuted a 5 Under $5 selection that featured dishes with fewer than 500 calories. These were Spaghetti with savory Meat Sauce, Fettuccine Alfredo, a gluten-friendly Rotini with Marinara, Keto Pepperoni & Bacon Flatbread, and Crispy Boneless Buffalo Wings. Besides the dishes that more overtly cater to a health-conscious consumer base, some of the options were served in small portions. People responded to the news on the fast food subreddit. "I didn't know Fazolis was still around," one wrote. "All the ones in Utah closed." Another moaned "Fazoli's has sooo much potential, I don't understand how they're not way more successful."

These Redditors may not be aware that Fazoli's has been reporting record growth numbers in recent years (per QSR). Since the start of the pandemic, it seems people turned to the comfort food that an American Italian casual chain with a drive-thru could provide. "We've been able to provide exactly what guests are looking for, not only from a product standpoint but also in terms of service," explained Doug Bostick, the president of Fazoli's. This has translated to a slew of restaurant openings from Arizona to Florida. The new Lasagna and Fettucine Bake will be available until June 26 if you're interested in trying the dish.