Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Cheesy New Pastry

It takes a certain set of skills to make a great pastry. According to Butter & Bliss, chefs need to use just the right amount of butter in the dough when making something like a croissant, for example. This butter contains water that turns to steam when cooked in the oven. The steam allows the pastry's layers to rise, resulting in a super flaky exterior. In order to get those layers, pastry chefs also have to roll and fold the dough many times. Making a pastry in this method can feel impossible to a novice home baker, but luckily, a wide variety of stores have come to the rescue with their own takes on flaky baked goods.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist stumbled upon a new set of cheese-filled pastries from Trader Joe's and had to share the find on social media. They posted a photo of the four cheese pastry rolls, writing that they "are filled with a sweet cream cheese and are the perfect addition to your morning coffee or tea! The chocolate & almond croissants have some morning competition! Each box contains 4 rolls."

Followers loved the Trader Joe's find

Judging by the eager replies in the comments, Instagram followers loved this Trader Joe's breakfast find spotted by @traderjoeslist. "OH MY GOD I MISSED THIS ALSO!? I NEED," one person wrote, while another referenced the popular California-based Cuban bakery and said "Ok snap! They're coming after Porto's!!" One person said they recently picked some up and "can't wait to try," and another excited shopper said "I just called my store and they have them in stock... I've never hopped off the couch so fast." Another jumped in with, "THEY ARE AMAZING."

Two particular comments summed up the mood of the entire thread — "These are soooo good. Going back to stock up before they are gone," and, "Porto's knock off ... but I will try." The find has easily drummed up a ton of excitement and it seems that Trader Joe's fans can't wait to get their hands on the pastry to see if it lives up to expectations.