TikTok Is Shook Over This 'Chicken And Egg' Discovery

The chicken-or-the-egg debate has apparently raged since the beginning of human life: You seemingly can't have one without the other, so which came first? The question lingers on Twitter. But one option has not been widely posed – what happens if the chicken and the egg arrived at the same time?

That's the concept that appears to have become a creepy reality, judging from footage uploaded in a viral TikTok video. The clip – uploaded by user @landonolailala – has become a viral hit on the social media site, achieving over 2 million views for showing what is claimed to be an egg still attached to the inside of a chicken.

According to Forager Chef, unlaid eggs are not actually the worst thing in the world because they can be used for basically the same culinary endeavors as normal ones – the problem is that the TikTok video is pretty disgusting. Footage shows a cooked chicken with a round squidgy object attached to some skin on the inside, described as being in the chicken's butt. Understandably, TikTok viewers have been expressing their widespread dismay.

TikTok viewers are freaked out by the creepy chicken

With an unlaid egg still inside it, the grizzly chicken has been met with much horror on TikTok – consequently, users have been explaining their intentions to never eat chicken again, as well as proclaiming they would convert to vegetarianism or veganism. Some comments have questioned why the chicken wasn't gutted to ensure no unpleasant parts were left inside, while one suggests that if a grocery store had discovered the extra egg the customer would have been charged more.

Several TikTok users have marveled at the discovery, seeing the egg as a bonus and something that is actually sought after by some. Clarity has also been offered around chickens laying eggs through their rear, which isn't quite so clear-cut. How It Works explains that eggs are separated from waste products by the cloaca, traveling through a separate tube to exit the hen.

As for the long-discussed debate, BBC Science Focus Magazine details that eggs "definitely came" long before chickens. Chickens formed as a result of two similar animals creating an egg, so the first chicken egg will have been laid after that.