Redditors Are Creeped Out And Overjoyed By This Starbucks Easter Bunny

Some people may have fond, furry memories of getting visits from the Easter Bunny. Others may have unwittingly joined a collection of children who shrieked, cried, or ran with terror at the sight of Peter Cottontail. Is it possible that belonging to one of those groups helped shape the responses to a bunny sighting at a coffee giant?

At one Starbucks, the manager decided to celebrate Easter in an idiosyncratic way. "My store manager bought an Easter bunny costume and I wanted to share these gems from this morning," the OP, u/EfficientPiece2773, explained before sharing four photos on Reddit. In the pictures, the Easter bunny simply stands or sits staring with unblinking cartoon eyes and a wide frozen smile. The one exception shows the manager cuddling a puppy, although the eyes remain open. The unsettling imagery reached a new level the next day when the same account shared a polaroid in which light effects distorted the costume further and a pinprick black hole lurked in the background.

The responses reflected two polarizing emotions: terror and delight. "This is so [futuens] cursed I love it," one commenter wrote. "What store do you work at? Can I transfer," another asked. On the other end of the spectrum, a creeped-out Redditor informed the OP, "I am never coming to your Starbucks ever, respectfully." A supervisor backed up this opinion, saying, "I would stay at least 3000 feet from this Starbucks."

The real horror is being overworked

According to u/EfficientPiece2773, the in-person reactions mirrored the division found on Reddit. "The kids on spring break loved it!" they explained. "My coworker said she was high fiving lots of kids and had a lot of fun holding the small dog." However, the bunny allegedly also stood behind a lampost and "freaked some people out."

Besides eliciting emotions of fear or fun, the presence of the Easter bunny costume presented Starbucks workers with something that many may lack: downtime. "Man, I wish we had 5 seconds of downtime in our store," a supervisor sighed. The OP commiserated: "I'm so grateful my location doesn't have a drive thru. I'm hoping you get some downtime at some point!" The supervisor then explained that it wasn't the drive-thru that made having the time to hang about in bunny costumes untenable: "We have something way worse: a tiny cafe store that does the same numbers as a drive thru store." 

Apparently, the OP's store was similarly slammed over the holidays, but that morning happened to be slow enough to allow for some costume shenanigans. Though, things might have sped up for anyone whose heart raced at the sight of a wide-eyed bunny that may or may not look like it was mid-way through devouring a puppy in one of the photos.