Why Some Aldi Shoppers Are Complaining About Its Iced Coffee

The popular grocery chain Aldi has its fair share of loyal customers. While this is probably in part because of their low prices, many shoppers are also fans of the chain's brand of affordable, yet tasty, products. One particular item that has become a fan-favorite among Aldi customers is their Friendly Farms iced coffee and coffee creamers. They come in a variety of tasty flavors, including vanilla, hazelnut, and mocha, which are popular with Aldi's coffee drinkers (via Aldi).

However, recently, Aldi has been in the process of transitioning many items from the Friendly Farms brand to the Barissimo brand, with updated labels and packaging. The newest item to be rebranded as Barissimo is Aldi's formerly Friendly Farms Mocha Iced Coffee. Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds recently posted about the "new package alert," telling their followers, "I absolutely loved this Mocha Iced Coffee when it was Friendly Farms so I am hoping the recipe hasn't changed."

Many Aldi shoppers were disappointed with the changes

Unfortunately, many Aldi shoppers were disappointed to report they felt the recipe had changed for the worse. "I was so disappointed in this ... I say it's definitely different," one user commented on the Instagram post. Another follower complained, "It tastes like old coffee now," while someone else agreed, "I tried it, wanted to love it, but it was gross."

This isn't the first Barissimo coffee product that disappointed shoppers after the switch. Some shoppers have even taken to other social media sites to lament the loss of some of their favorite creamers. "Vanilla Caramel Creamer — Please don't take it from us!!!!!" a Redditor begged after seeing many of the brand's other creamers disappearing from the store's shelves. Other shoppers were quick to commiserate with the loss of their favorite Aldi creamer. "Creamer is not the same. I drink lots of coffee and I do not like this new creamer. Aldi should not do this to people," someone replied. "The new coconut creamer is absolutely terrible and tastes nothing like friendly farms ... we have switched back to Coffee Mate because the Aldi creamer is undrinkable now," agreed another user. So while Aldi's coffee products certainly have some dedicated fans, it seems that not every shopper will be quite as big a fan once they switch to the Barissimo branding.