What You Need To Know About The Flour Tortilla Recall Update

Foods are frequently recalled for accidental contamination with an allergen, and the flour tortilla is no exception. On March 18, food brand The Salsa Texan issued an allergy alert through the FDA for their Gluten Free Coconut Flour Tortillas. Describing the factors behind this voluntary recall, the brand shared that their may be undeclared wheat in the supposed gluten-free product.

The recall affects both regular and burrito-sized packages of this product. The issue was caused by what is described as "a temporary breakdown in the company's production and packaging processes." For those unaffected by this allergen, there were no additional cautions on the product at this time.

Production was suspended at the time of recall, so that both The Salsa Texan and the FDA could verify the accuracy of package labeling and production methods going forward. This brings consumers to the Allergy Alert and Recall Expansion issued via the FDA on April 15. This update is again linked to gluten and allergens and includes the following details.

Understanding the FDA tortilla update

The Salsa Texan's FDA product update expanded its recall factors to include potential exposure to not only wheat, but also undeclared milk in its tortillas not reported in the ingredient list. The recall now includes both Coconut Flour Tortillas and Blended Flour Tortillas. Gluten-sensitive customers have reported reactions, but there is no reported record of issues for non-allergen customers as of yet. Distribution has been reported as suspended for new products until these issues can be solved in production.

Making this particular recall more difficult to identify, the company does not have specific lot numbers or expiration dates to judge which packages may have been affected, meaning consumers should consider all the tortillas made by this brand subject to the recall. The product has been distributed nationwide and may be found on shelves at Farmers Markets in Texas, including Canton First Monday, Lucas, Texas Community Market, St. Michael's, Red Tent Market at Willowbend, Luscombe Farm, Rockwall, Garland, and Heath.