Hi-Chew Wants To Send You On Vacation — Here's How To Enter

Correction 4/20/22: An earlier version of this story stated that only residents of Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada could enter the Hi-Chew giveaway; it is open to all U.S. residents.

Have you ever wanted to sleep wrapped up in a packet of Hi-Chew? Well, now you can. On April 19, Hi-Chew revealed in a press release that the brand is are conducting a sweepstakes through April 26. The winner of the sweepstakes will be treated to a two-night holiday at the Hi-Chew house in Palm Springs, California.

The house has been redesigned by Hi-Chew just for this event. Each of its three bedrooms has been redone to have the candy's branding all over it. As the press release explains, "The Blue Raspberry room will feature whimsical sweet and tart decor, while the Rainbow Sherbet room highlights the magic of color, and the Blue Hawaii room brings you right to the tropics." The company has even gone as far as to fill the pool with Hi-Chew floaties.

The winner will be able to visit the house with five guests, gorge on complimentary Hi-Chews, and win undefined items that the press release insists on calling "swag."

Who can enter the fantasy house?

The act of entering the Willy Wonka-like sweepstakes is simple enough. Fans can visit the website Hi-Chew.com/fantasy, fill out a form that asks why they love Hi-Chew, and press "submit." All U.S. residents who are 25 or older can enter the giveaway, per an Instagram post from the brand.

While an earlier version of the sweepstakes' eligibility rules stated that it was only open to "residents of Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada," the brand has clarified that's not the case. That's good news for the fans who responded with disappointment to Hi-Chew's Instagram announcement. "I'm mad only open to CA AZ NV," one wrote. "This me and my sister's favorite candy every road trip we snacking on em." Another asked, "Did I read correctly that this is only open to residents of CA, AZ, and NV?" Then, they appended a sad emoji to convey how harrowing the disappointment was. 

Fortunately, all U.S. residents who are 25 and older now have the chance to enjoy their favorite Hi-Chew flavors while entering for a chance to win the getaway.