Outback Steakhouse Fans Will Love The Company's Latest Announcement

Every once in a while, Outback Steakhouse pulls out all the stops and decides to completely revamp their menu. Guilty Eats reports that the steakhouse chain decided to overhaul its menu back in 2020 and added in some items like a filet mignon and lobster, as well as a sirloin with a side of ribs. These protein-packed entrées may have gotten folks almost as excited as the Three Cheese Steak Dip or Bloomin' Fried Chicken that came out at the same time, per FSR magazine. The complete about-face took place as a result of the pandemic and new guidelines that the government put into place, and Outback Steakhouse responded in kind.

As a result of the efforts, the chain managed to recoup some of its pandemic losses and helped establish a new era for the restaurant. The restaurant didn't just stop at a new menu either. Outback's official Twitter account recently posted a new announcement for anyone who wants to bring the restaurant's menu home and serve dozens of people in the process. The chain announced a new catering menu via social media, causing fans to react with glee.

What the catering menu looks like

Outback Steakhouse's new catering menu now offers parties to grab buffet-style meals or individual meals for groups of ten people or more. The buffet-style menu lets diners grab selections of wings, chicken tenders, and steak skewers. It even offers a cheeseburger bar that lets patrons build their own burgers. On the flip side, the premade individual entrees for sale include classics like the Queensland Chicken and Shrimp Pasta, a classic sirloin, and even individual meal salads.

This isn't the first time that the chain has offered a catering service, but with the revamp, it might just feel like it. An Outback Steakhouse location in Minnesota did have a previous local catering option that featured a very extensive menu and included some irregular items like bruschetta and Chicken Marsala.

The new way to feed a crowd via a catering menu may have the potential to keep diners excited, but only time can tell if folks warm up to the idea of getting full spreads of Outback Steakhouse steaks and skewers for large groups of people. Either way, the option has the potential to get more patrons eating food from the chain and the new menu helps drive the restaurant in fresh directions.