Aldi Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Frozen Funfetti Pancakes

Let's face it — waking up in the morning is the worst. After all, who actually enjoys having their slumber interrupted by a loud alarm blaring in their ear, signifying that it's time to leave all those cozy pillows and blankets? Nobody, which is probably why one 2019 survey found that a whopping 95% of Americans actually despise the early hours of the day.

However, if we were forced to name one redeeming quality of having to call it quits on our sleep every morning, it would have to be breakfast (and, of course, that piping hot cup of coffee that comes along with it). For savory breakfast eaters, a big plate of eggs, toast, and crispy bacon can be just the thing to make you forget that you're up before the sun. And if you're more of a sweets-for-breaky kind of person, a new product at Aldi might do the trick. 

The low-budget grocer is giving shoppers the chance to add a little bit of fun to what is arguably the hardest part of the day with new Funfetti Mini Pancakes, which Aldi-obsessed Instagrammer @adventuresinaldi recently found in the freezer section at their local Aldi store. "Funfetti mini pancakes!! They look so cute & yummy!" the user captioned in a post about the heat up-and-go breakfast treat that many of their fellow shoppers are freaking out over.

Funfetti lovers won't want to sleep on Aldi's new mini pancakes

Funfetti is one of the best cakes to make for a birthday, so it only makes sense that its sprinkle-infused deliciousness has made its way into the breakfast world in the form of mini pancakes, which are now being sold at Aldi. Described on its packaging as mini buttermilk pancakes infused with "candy bits," these birthday cake-inspired frozen flapjacks come 40 to a pack and are being sold for $2.99 per bag (via Aldi's website).

Just like the excitement that comes from digging into a slice of Funfetti cake, many Aldi shoppers were thrilled to hear about the grocer's newest breakfast product from Instagram user @adventuresinaldi. Some took to the comment section of the Instagram post to spread the news with their Funfetti-loving friends while others revealed that they had already picked up a bag. "Got them today for my little picky eater," one fan wrote. "My son loves these!" shared another. And while pancakes are typically a breakfast staple, a third Instagrammer revealed that they work for other meals, too, stating "Kids ate them for dinner tonight."

Aldi's Funfetti mini pancakes are part of the chain's ALDI finds for the week of April 20 through April 26, meaning that they're only available in limited quantities and for a limited time. Though it might be tough, Funfetti fans may want to avoid hitting the snooze button to ensure they can grab a bag.