What You Need To Know About The New Cinnabon Swirl Concept

Cinnabon is looking to expand from its usual mall and kiosk locations to streetside ones. However, the company could benefit from a partner to help them navigate the new space — as QSR has learned, Cinnabon has teamed up with Carvel to introduce a new restaurant concept, Cinnabon Swirl. It should be noted that both chains are owned by Focus Brands.

The new store, which will debut as a series of test stores in March of 2023, will be exactly what you'd expect it to be: a mashup of the two restaurants. It will sell Cinnabon products like cinnamon rolls as well as Carvel ice cream. More importantly, the companies will explore ways to link the core products of each into new offerings. "Potential new menu items include peanut butter and jelly and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches and mashups of Cinnabon and Carvel, like a Center of the Roll Sundae," QSR writes.

Where the test stores will open has yet to be determined. While Carvel has a stronger footing along the East Coast, Cinnabon's general appeal promises a path through the rest of the country — both Cinnabon and Carvel may be able to expand outside of their geographic comfort zones. The Northeast and Florida are possible contenders for the test locations.

Auntie Anne's has also found a new partner

Longtime fans of Cinnabon's food court days will remember how it co-occupied locations with the pretzel company Auntie Anne's, both of which are owned by Focus Brands. So, the question might arise of what Auntie Anne's future looks like while Cinnabon is expanding. Simply put, Auntie Anne's is expanding as well. It's just doing so without Cinnabon.

In fact, Auntie Anne's has been going ahead of Cinnabon. In May, Auntie Anne's and Jamba released a press statement announcing that the pretzel company would open a drive-thru location with the juice company, which again is owned by Focus Brands. "Auntie Anne's has become synonymous with malls and airports, but for some time we've been looking for opportunities to grow outside of those traditional locations to give our guests greater access to a brand they love," Kristen Hartman, Specialty Category President of Focus Brands, said.