Gordon Ramsay's Latest Twitter Feud Just Got Ugly

Without a doubt, Gordon Ramsay is well known for his short temper and his flavorful way with words. Although Ramsay's worst insults are usually directed at the contestants on his shows, no one is truly safe.

Sometimes, not only does Ramsay have words with others in the culinary industry, but he also has very public feuds. One of his most notable feuds, occurring in 2009, involved fellow chef Mario Batali and food critic Jay Rayner. Rayner interviewed Batali in regard to his relationship with Ramsay, and things escalated.

Rayner took aim again in 2018, says Fine Dining Lovers, with a tweet calling Ramsay "a sad, inadequate man" who gets away with "glamorizing bullying." As if all of this wasn't enough, the feud reignited on April 21 when Rayner yet again took to Twitter to call out Ramsay's continued behavior both on and off-screen. This time, Ramsay had something to say about it. 

Gordon Ramsay tells Jay Rayner goodbye

Food critic Jay Rayner shook up the internet when he tagged Gordon Ramsay in another heated tweet. "Is this still all you have?" Rayner wrote. "Shouting at people? Swearing at people? Humiliating people? Making people cry?" We can imagine that the celebrity chef was seething (who wouldn't be?), but he responded by saying, "Jay, you inspire me every day ... especially after your performance on the Weakest Link. Goodbye." Rayner replied that in his two appearances on the Weakest Link, he placed first and third, and "neither time did I make anybody cry" (via Twitter).

Ramsay was quick with his comeback. He described the food critic's job as "stuffing your face on the backs of great chefs," and told him to get a "real job." However, Rayner seemed unfazed, as ET Canada notes, generously providing a summary of his many accomplishments. He wrote, "I've written all the books that have my name on them," suggesting Ramsay perhaps hasn't actually authored his own books. Chef Ramsay has yet to respond, but fans are certainly transfixed by the drama. One Twitter user wrote, "You're a vile bully," while another responded, "Slaughtering him peacefully, we love to see it."