Costco Shoppers Are Excited About The Return Of This Lemony Treat

One day we could perhaps do away with traditional calendar dates and simply go through the year with the appearance and disappearance of certain products. Well, probably not but the way people have welcomed the sight of Upper Crust Bakery's Lemon Bites at Costco makes it seem like the return of spring.

"These Lemon Bites (Item #1139538, $7.79) are amazing—moist and delicious!" the account Costco Fans Lifestyle announced on Facebook on April 15. "I was so glad to see them back in stock at Costco." Similarly, on April 23, one member of the Costco subreddit posted a picture of their find saying "Lemon Bites are Back! It's been so long since I've last had the lemon bites!"

"I had the same reaction when I saw them a few days ago," one commenter said before recommending people to put them in the refrigerator. They didn't elaborate on why besides declaring it would make them "especially" good. The pent desire for lemon bites is evidenced by another commenter's testimony that "I've been looking for two weeks (east coast) and no luck! I guess Costco is doing my newly purchased clothes a favor, in a way, because I will devour those."

Citrus you not! These are easy to make

Upper Crust Bakery's Lemon Bites, as the blog Cruising Costco describes, are essentially lemon cakes in lemon icing. "They are very good for people who *really* like lemon!" the review posits. While the reviewer got used to "the strong lemon taste," they expected that for numerous other people, one Bite would suffice. Perhaps forever. Even so, as one can see, people tend to miss the Lemon Bites dreadfully. 

Unfortunately for some Lemon Bite enthusiasts, the item doesn't appear to be available everywhere. As one Redditor lamented, "Noooooooo! No Costco in the Bay Area carries it."  Another Cali resident could relate: "Yeah, I've never seen them before in my section of California. FWIW, the company is based in Arizona." But if one wants a lemony treat outside the purview of the Lemon Bites' availability, one could make a different kind of "lemon bite" that has been likened to Paula Deen's lemon blossoms.

The recipe Beyer Beware gives is rather simple. You obviously need either lemon cake mix or vanilla cake mix and a couple of lemons for zesting. Additionally, you need either vanilla or lemon pudding, milk, eggs, melted butter, powdered sugar, and –surprise! – lemon juice. The cake mix, pudding, eggs, and better form the basis for the bites. The milk, lemon juice, and sugar are needed for a glaze that is applied by dipping the cooked bites into it.