Why TikTok Can't Get Enough Of These 'Bougie' Eggs

Imagine having so much money that you purposely buy expensive products just to get rid of some of the cash clogging up your bank account. Yachts, islands, and – in the case of Elon Musk – social media giants (via The Guardian) are all playthings of the super-rich. However, one product could have the potential to crack the status quo.

For all their typically humble qualities, eggs might be the answer to satisfying the desires (and filling the stomachs) of billionaires. TikTok user @mitchmcconnellsneckskin has uncovered what they believe to be one of the most glamorous egg brands on the market: Consider Pastures. The user uploaded a video showing them picking up a dozen of the "bougie" eggs in rich blue-and-gold packaging at a supermarket, while a different clip says the eggs cost $8.99.

Although the TikTokker jokes that the eggs were manufactured by Apple, Consider Pastures emphasizes its commitment to the purity of farming, claiming that eggs are collected by hand on family farms. The company also boasts that its eggs are pristine, featuring the most vibrant yolks, strong shells, and intense whites. But while this marketing might convince some, the eggs have been causing a flap on TikTok.

TikTok is intrigued by Consider Pastures' expensive eggs

Some people found the price tag for the "bougie" eggs outrageous. As one TikTok commenter joked, "For $8.99 Gordon Ramsey better be coming over to cook them!" But even though not everyone was sold, a number of TikTok viewers were impressed with the fancy appeal of Consider Pastures' eggs. "My toxic trait is that I would buy them," admitted Lindsay. Others did buy them. With the glow-up given to eggs, one commenter quipped, "The chicken must've had spa days and all." Another likened them to "the golden eggs from Willy Wonka."

TikTok users also praised the plastic-free packaging of Consider Pastures' eggs, although others have cynically suggested that the pleasing packaging is designed to get people to pay more for eggs, and comments additionally question if there is any real difference in taste compared to standard eggs. Judging the quality of the eggs is, of course, the big test for Consider Pastures. According to TikTok's @gabrielleinthekitchen, Consider Pastures' eggs are more golden and fluffy than a supermarket brand. Meanwhile, user @privy2.0 believes they are "tastier than regular, incredible edible eggs."