Taco Bell Just Announced A New 'Drag Brunch Tour'

It might not be long until you get to experience a drag brunch in your area. According to The Guardian, this electrifying dining experience most likely traces its roots back to 1950s America, when urbane eateries started trying to win over middle-class diners by enticing them with glitz, glam, and entertainment. The phenomenon survived gay bar raids and the persecution of the LGBTQ+ community over the years and currently entails drag kings and queens lip-syncing to songs, performing risque dance moves, and raucously interacting with diners, all while they enjoy brunch.

The restaurants that partake in drag brunches are known for providing memorable experiences. Thrillist reports that certain establishments like Miami's R House, Broussard's in New Orlean, and Boston's Bell in Hand all offer top-notch drag brunch performances that pair up great food and some unforgettable performances by local and more famous drag artists. While you might typically have to go out of your way to join in the fun, Taco Bell wants to bring this party to your neck of the woods and introduce you to this time-honored American tradition.

A taco-themed way to experience drag brunch

Restaurant Business reports that Taco Bell is getting in on the drag brunch fun. The Mexican-American fast food chain plans to bring a string of drag brunches to five of their Cantina locations across America starting on May 1 in support and acknowledgment of those who identify as LGBTQIA+. The brand partnered up with the It Gets Better Project and wants to use the drag brunch tour as a way to raise awareness of the group and help spread positivity.

The tour starts in Las Vegas, then travels the country to Chicago on May 22, Nashville on May 29, New York on June 12, and Fort Lauderdale on June 26. Drag performer Kay Sedia plans to lead the touring show, and each performance will draw on local talent. And of course, a drag brunch wouldn't feel complete without some bubbly, so Taco Bell plans to serve mimosas alongside their regular breakfast menu at the shows. Not everyone can get the chance to experience this show firsthand — patrons must be at least 18 years old and place a reservation with OpenTable. Taco Bell "Fire Tier" rewards members get the perk of early registration for the events.