Red Lobster Is Adding A Lemony New Item To The Menu

Red Lobster just added a new dessert item to its menu — and it's only here for a limited time. The product targets lovers of spoonable desserts and citrusy flavors, as it's made with creamy mousse and lemon curd. This sets it apart from the menu's existing sweet items, which include vanilla bean cheesecake, the Chocolate Wave, and the Brownie Overload — all cakey, but not fruity.

The new dessert? Red Lobster's version of a lemon cake, which is made using Meyer lemons. The treat features three different layers of lemon cake, lemon mousse, and lemon curd and goes for around $7.99 per slice, according to Chew Boom. Some customers are already enjoying the cake; Red Lobster Lover Joe shared a photo of the dessert on Twitter from a Columbus, Ohio, location, complete with whipped cream and what looks like a raspberry drizzle. It's not clear how long the cake's temporary run will last.

The Meyer Lemon Cake is both sweet and citrusy

Red Lobster's new lemon cake is timely for warmer spring weather, says Trend Hunter. Though it was only put out in restaurants recently, it already has favorable ratings in Trend Hunter's "freshness" category, but lags behind a bit in overall popularity. The dessert may only be on the menu in select locations, so interested customers will need to check their local restaurant for availability and pricing.

What makes the chain's new cake especially unique is its use of Meyer lemons. The difference between Meyer lemons and regular lemons lies in the genetics of the fruit. The Meyer is actually a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, which makes it sweeter and less acidic in taste. This makes these fruits ideal for blending into dessert dishes so they don't overwhelm other flavors with so much acidity. Meyer lemon season is actually coming to an end, which makes Red Lobster's new dessert even more timely.