TikTok Is Unimpressed With Jamie Oliver's 45-Second Omelet

As long as Gordon Ramsay is around, chefs would be wise to experiment with something other than scrambled eggs. Otherwise, they could be the victim of internet bullying, like the time Ramsay threw shade at Michael Symon for his scrambled eggs. Cleverly, British chef Jamie Oliver recently tried his hands at a different egg recipe: an omelet. Ramsay has yet to find anything wrong with it, but some social media users are unsure about his technique.

This week, Oliver uploaded a video to TikTok in which he claims to make a 45-second omelet. First, the pan goes on the stove, and the eggs are cracked into a bowl. He gives the yolks and whites a good beating before grabbing some cheese and a slice of bread for later. He pours the eggy mixture into the hot, oiled pan. Immediately, the liquid's consistency changes and becomes a foldable sheet, which Oliver tops with the cheese and folds over into an omelet shape. The cookbook author finishes things off by plopping the omelet onto his toast. Including the introduction and final presentation, the video is less than a minute long. So, Oliver cooked eggs in 45 seconds. Was TikTok impressed?

TikTok finds the omelet unseasoned and undercooked

Much of the TikTok response to Jamie Oliver's omelet video was underwhelming, seemingly because the chef had presented his "most amazing omelet in the world" so enthusiastically. "I think that's a bit over the top for a plain cheese omelette," one said. Another agreed, saying, "Never saw someone hype up an omelet so much." Others took issue with his use of oil instead of butter and his lack of spices. "Where's the seasoning, Jamie?" one commenter wrote, while another gave their best text-based Gordon Ramsay impression: "CHEESE IS NOT SEASONING!!"

Even more people questioned whether 45 seconds is long enough for an egg to be considered safe to eat. That appears to be a matter of heat level, egg quantity, and personal experience. The FDA advises, "Cook eggs until both the yolk and the white are firm. Scrambled eggs should not be runny." In other words, there isn't a time threshold that needs to be met, so you can cook an omelet in 45 seconds. The question is whether you want to cook Jamie Oliver's omelet in 45 seconds. Regardless of the criticism, Oliver is the comfortable winner here, as his video has been viewed over 1.8 million times and received 63,000 likes.