French's New Mustard Comes In Some Unexpected Flavors

You might never guess, but mustard comes in a ton of flavors. According to Brit+Co, mustard aficionados can pick up dulcet Moroccan mustard flavored with paprika, turmeric, and coriander, or try a bleu cheese herb mustard that draws its taste from its namesake cheese. Others might opt for "raspberry wasabi dipping mustard" that notably isn't dominated by either raspberries or wasabi, or break out a jar of caramelized apple champagne mustard for a decadent treat.

While add-ins can transform traditional mustard into something completely unique, this condiment comes down to one simple ingredient at its core. Great British Chefs reports that in order to make a simple mustard, you really just need to mix together ground mustard seeds with wine, water, or vinegar to make a basic mustard sauce. The level of spiciness "depends on the temperature of the liquid used when blending" — the hotter the mustard, the colder the liquid. Black and brown-hued mustards used to be more commonly found; yellow mustards only entered the mainstream thanks to manufacturers (largely from America) adding turmeric to their mustard sauces. This incredibly versatile condiment comes in many forms, and if you tend to buy the brand French's, you'll now have even more mustardy options to choose from.

French's new take on mustard

According to a press release, French's plans to release a new line of "mustard spreads" that come in a variety of flavors. The brand announced the launch of its Creamy Yellow, Sweet Applewood and Honey Chipotle spreadable mustards in tandem with the outdoor food fair Smorgasburg slated to take place on May 1 in Prospect Park, New York and Los Angeles. French's wants its customers to try the new spreads for free, and joined up with Smorgasburg to host an outdoor pop-up in celebration of the new products.

The company hopes that shoppers will use the new spreadable mustards in salads, dressings, burgers, homemade deviled eggs, and other foods that typically call for the classic version of the condiment. In addition to the new flavors, French's also plans to shake up its familiar bottle design, allowing patrons to pour the condiment from the bottom of the bottle instead of the top in order to get every last squirt. Has the condiment company brought traditional mustard to a new point in history with this latest creation? If you can make it to a Smorgasburg, you may have the chance to find out.