Dairy Queen's New Stackburger Lineup Is Beefier Than Ever

When you're cruising down the highway and you see a sign with the blessed information that there's a Dairy Queen a mile away, your brain will likely be swarmed with images of the chain's famous Blizzard. The frozen treat has been a fan favorite for over three decades and is inseparable from the brand; it turns out that people can't get enough of cookies, ice cream, and chocolate in a cup. But while Dairy Queen may be known for its sweet side and is always introducing new flavors of the Blizzard, the chain also offers an array of savory menu items to cut through all of that creamy goodness. It offers chicken tenders, fries, pretzel sticks, and chicken sandwiches, but fans are most excited about its growing lineup of Stackburgers, named for the terrific height of its many-layered ingredients. 

True to its name, Dairy Queen's Stackburger options are oozing with cheese, including the new Two Cheese Deluxe, which recently upped the ante of the chain's Original Cheeseburger with a combo of Sharp American and White Cheddar. This week, Dairy Queen shared a Twitter announcement revealing even more signature additions to its Stackburger lineup, and this time the chain is appealing to serious meat lovers. 

The new Signature burger is loaded with beef, bacon, and onion rings

"Your favorite burger just got even better," reads Dairy Queen's Tuesday Twitter post welcoming its new burger into the world. According to Dairy Queen's website, the Loaded A.1. Signature Stackburger is made with two "100% seasoned real beef patties" that are topped with steak sauce, creamy peppercorn sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, "perfectly melted" Sharp American cheese, and crispy onion rings for good measure.

In addition to the aforementioned newcomer and the Two Cheese Deluxe, Dairy Queen's burger menu now also includes two other spins on its Original Cheeseburger: the FlameThrower (topped with "fiery DQ FlameThrower sauce," Pepper Jack cheese, jalapeño bacon, tomato, and lettuce) and the Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe (the same as the regular Two Cheese Deluxe, but topped with Applewood smoked bacon). At this rate, it appears the queen of dairy is also vying to be the queen of beef.