Why You Should Stop Adding Mayo To Your Potato Salad

However you slice, dice, or peel them, potatoes are wonders of the culinary world. Because of their versatility, potatoes can be crispy, crunchy, or soft with varying tastes of savory and sweet. Fried potatoes — delicious. Boiled potatoes — delightful. Roasted potatoes — can't get enough.

If you roll up to a barbecue and don't see a bowl of potato salad perched on the table, you should probably put your car in reverse and roll back out. The classic side dish is a summertime staple destined to accompany anything hot off a grill or served on a bun.

There are thousands of variations of potato salad recipes, and it's relatively simple to prepare. Most recipes boil down to a blend of potatoes, mayo, and any other flavor additions you need to make your best spud recipe. This tried and true method, however, has a dark side that excludes vegans from enjoying the potatoes while also giving your dish a limited shelf life. It all comes down to the mayonnaise. 

The dark side of mayo-based potato salad

According to the FDA, foods that require refrigeration, such as mayonnaise-based potato salads, are prone to spoiling within the first two hours that they're brought out to room temperature. Another mistake you may be making with your potato salad is leaving it to sit outdoors for lengthy periods of time. In an outdoor climate, this dish is only safe to eat for about an hour. It's also worth mentioning that combining mayonnaise with potatoes results in a heavier dish that may just be too much for some alongside hearty and meaty dishes, like brisket.

The traditional formula for potato salad is undoubtedly delicious — no arguments there. But if you've found yourself in a mayonnaise rut, there are other avenues that will lead to delicious outcomes. The solution is simple. Forget the mayo, and opt for something light that's vinegar or citrus-based. A binding liquid is essential, but it doesn't have to be creamy or made of egg; try your favorite vinaigrette or salad dressing. My Recipes recommends white balsamic vinaigrette, champagne vinegar, and white distilled vinegar as alternatives. Your vegan and health-conscious dinner guests will thank you.