Duff Goldman Is Seriously Not A Fan Of This Trendy Mtn Dew Flavor

Duff Goldman is a connoisseur of taste, to be sure. The celebrity baker is usually full of positive vibes, but if his social media presence is any indication, he's placed his stamp of disapproval on a spicy new flavor of Mtn Dew. The proclamation was made on Twitter, where he posted an image of a couple of cases of Mtn Dew's Flamin' Hot beverage. "As my friend Carl Ruiz used to say, 'That world-destroying asteroid cannot get here soon enough,'" Goldman's caption read.

The Mtn Dew containers were also pictured side-by-side with a waffle sign that reads, "Please add your toppings after your waffle has finished cooking. THANKS." Either the soda was being sold at a waffle shop, or this means Goldman's not a fan of signs that state information that should be obvious — he offered no concrete explanation either way.

...Back to the drink. Flamin' Hot is Mtn Dew's newest flavor, and is but the latest in a wave of products designed to apparently burn everyone's taste buds beyond recognition. The box describes it as "DEW with a blast of heat and citrus." But judging by Duff's tweet, this incarnation is one step too far in the Flamin' Hot realm.

Goldman might be in the minority here

It's pretty likely that Mtn Dew's Flamin' Hot flavor will inspire either adoration or hatred. We all know where Duff Goldman stands, but now that the spicy soda has hit store shelves nationwide, it seems that plenty of other people are ready to snatch up a case or two. Per ABC-23, the company held a limited online-only release in 2021, and the beverage sold out in less than an hour. To celebrate the product launch, the company held a huge party — it wasn't in a big city, but appropriately in Hell, Michigan. In fact, Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew is now the official drink of the city of Hell.

This mashup is the logical next step for the flavor-mongers at PepsiCo, which owns both Mtn Dew and Cheetos. Prior to Dew jumping on board, PepsiCo released Flamin' Hot incarnations of other products, like Doritos and Ruffles, according to Uproxx.

Those who want an idea of what to expect can take note of Uproxx's review, which notes that it has "a terrifying color of red that looks more like carbonated blood than soda." The reviewer also says the drink's flavor has "the citrus kick Mountain Dew fans expect with a light dose of spicy heat." Duly noted. Now, we'll have to wait and see if Goldman has the guts to experience the new flavor for himself.