Steak 'N Shake Just Dropped A New Burger That's Double The Everything

What's better than one of something? Two of something. While this logic may not hold true for some things (serial killers, tax returns, "Transformers" films), it's hard to deny that there are plenty of things in the world made infinitely better by a simple duplication. Where would we be if there was only one Olsen twin, for example? Or if Twinkies came in a one-pack? Imagine you were handed a No. 1 pencil – heaven forbid – or asked to sing that famous Kingsman song, "Louie," at karaoke? So if Steak 'n Shake thinks one of its Steakburgers is good, probably thinks two would be at least twice as good.

The burger chain, which (according to its website) has been around since 1934, has apparently only just done the math and realized it's high time to double down on its classic Steakburger with cheese. But don't see double just yet: Steak 'n Shake isn't offering two burgers for the price of one, but rather one burger with double the patties (and double the cheese), according to Thrillist. Prices differ across locations but could fall in the ballpark of $4.39. If your head is spinning, allow us to break it down: Steak 'n Shake, the burger joint that belongs next to Shake Shack in a fast food tongue twister, used to offer only a Steakburger with Cheese or a Double Steakburger with Cheese, which had two patties. And now, it's pleased to present the Double Steakburger Double Cheese.

It takes 2 to make this sandwich come true

The Double Steakburger Double Cheese, according to Steak 'n Shake's website, boasts two patties and two slices of American cheese with the options of onions, mustard, tomato, mayo, lettuce, and ketchup, on a regular bun. So, if you're thinking, well that's just the burger chain's Original Double Steakburger with Cheese, only with two slices of American cheese instead of one, well, that sounds about right, judging from the description. 

Steak 'n Shake's unveiling of this innovative reboot of the Original Double Steakburger with Cheese was met with mixed reviews from Instagram. "I love it that was so good," one user gushed, while another randomly complained about Sn'S business practices in Augusta, Georgia. But one Instagram user boldly posted, "I don't think this is anything new....unless your [sic] gonna put three pieces of cheese on it." And while there was no response from the Steak 'n Shake team, we can't help but emoji-applaud the observation. For the record, Steak 'n Shake's menu does offer a Triple Steakburger, which you can get with triple the cheese. But when it comes to the meat-to-cheese ratio of your Steak 'n Shake burger, well, that's a personal choice everyone has to make for themselves.