Geoffrey Zakarian's Margarita With A Tart Twist Has Instagram Seeing Hearts

Many Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo with margaritas, so, naturally, Food Network star ​​Geoffrey Zakarian posted a video on his Instagram with a recipe that fans can easily recreate at home.

Though Zakarian's recipe is especially timely with the holiday coming up, it is also important to acknowledge the cultural significance of the holiday and why people drink this tequila-based beverage on this day.

According to USA Today, there is a theory that enjoying a margarita on Cinco de Mayo actually stems from the invention of the frozen margarita machine in the 1970s, making the drink more accessible in restaurants. The Mexican restaurants that had this new technology celebrated Cinco de Mayo, causing Americans to associate the drink with this holiday.

But the true cultural significance of the holiday lies in the victory of Mexican troops in the Battle of Puebla. Not everyone is aware of this historic event, so it's important to research and learn about the holiday's history even if you're going to indulge in some margaritas on May 5. Naturally, too, Zakarian's followers are just as enraptured by his grapefruit margarita recipe as we are.

Margaritas are special in the Zakarians' marriage

Geoffrey Zakarian posted a video to his Instagram in which he makes a grapefruit margarita with his wife, Margaret, who also works in the hospitality industry. The recipe features the ingredients of a typical margarita, including salt, lime, and tequila, with the addition of a special ingredient: grapefruit.

Margaret shares that margaritas hold a special significance in her and her husband's marriage, as she never really drank tequila prior to their relationship (via Instagram). However, she states that her celebrity chef husband showed her how to enjoy a balanced tequila drink, which subsequently "worked," and led them to enjoy many beverages with the liquor thereafter.

The extra citrus in the beverage makes it balanced in flavor, while also adding a bit of extra sweetness (via The Spruce Eats). In addition, The Manual states that the fruit can cut out the extreme taste of the liquor, making it beneficial to combine it with alcohol. Plus, a little extra fruit in one's diet never hurt, right?

The Zakarians' drink can be enjoyed during this upcoming celebration or whenever one desires a fruity cocktail. Just one question remains: Is it one of the best margaritas in the U.S.? Only you can answer that!