The Unusual Discovery A Redditor Found In Costco Chicken

We've all heard plenty of stories about people finding gross objects in their fast food –- bandaids, needles, feathers, mice, you get it. Super gross. Most of us expect our grocery store purchases to be on the safer side, as far as unwanted ingredients go. However, the food you buy at the grocery store can offer just as many unpleasant surprises.

Shoppers have found all sorts of different spiders lurking in fresh produce, including the Black Widow and Brazilian varieties. Other people have come home from the grocery store to discover mice in their bread, a tooth in their cheese, and a live scorpion in their bananas. Another shopper opened a bag of frozen mixed veggies, only to discover a frog in the mix (via Eat This, Not That).

Even beloved grocery store chains like Costco aren't immune to product mishaps. Back in 2021, one family sued Costco for $200,000 after finding live worms in the halibut fillets they had purchased. And unfortunately, these aren't the only Costco fillets to come under suspicion.

A Redditor found something squiggly in Costco chicken fillets

One Costco shopper took to Reddit after discovering what looked like a worm in some chicken fillets purchased from the store. According to the post, the shopper quickly returned the fillets, but they wanted to know if they had maybe overreacted.

If you buy chicken from Costco, don't worry about finding worms in your food. One employee commented on the post that the "worm" was just a shrimp antenna. Another employee agreed, noting that the shrimp "are pokey as all hell and the legs and the antenna things go everywhere. Then when you spray the room down, they stick everywhere like hair in the shower."

Several Redditors said the original poster was definitely overreacting, but others brought up the potential risk of cross contamination. "Someone in my house is strongly allergic to shrimp," one commenter wrote. "It sends them to the hospital and is always a scary experience. This cross contamination is frightening."