Why Instagram Is Cracking Up At Ree Drummond's Latest Picture With Ladd

When it comes to cleanliness, you can't go wrong with ... a cowboy. At least that's what Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is advising her fans and followers in a recent Instagram post that said fans and followers appear to be eating up with a spoon. On May 3, 2022, Drummond shared a photo of herself being hugged from behind by one very (er, how shall we put this?) "rugged-looking" Ladd Drummond, her husband of over two decades. And by "rugged-looking," we're referring to the fact that Ladd is wearing rumpled denim and a cowboy hat covered with various stains that might or might not be "either dust or soot or another substance that rhymes with pit," as Ms. Drummond suggested. "That is not a dark mustache over his lip," she clarifies for her fans and followers. "It was all over his shirt too."

But the thing that Food Network's Pioneer Woman seems to really want everyone to know is that "there is no cleaner human being than a cowboy just before they get in bed at night." Apparently, real cowboys shower nightly. Drummond's fawning post has quickly garnered nearly 60,000 likes and a whole slew of comments. Why, even the comments have likes and comments. Nor is there any shortage of "cracking up" emojis, which as you'll see are well-deserved.

Ree Drummond TMI's herself, leaving Instagram in stitches

"Was this too much information?" Ree Drummond asked Instagram in a caption to a photo in which a scruffy-looking Ladd Drummond is bear-hugging a freshly-scrubbed-looking Ree — wearing a shirt we can only imagine is dry-clean only. "I'm thinking maybe yes," The Pioneer Woman answers for herself, realizing she's just rattled off a rather intimate comparison of her versus her husband's bathing habits. TMI or no, Instagram is cracking up over the irony.

Whereas a celebrity chef must, of course, maintain very clean hands, they tend to bathe no more often than anyone else (and there's nothing wrong with that either — some people may even bathe too much!). By contrast, being a cowboy will inevitably involve some "grody" moments like the one captured in the photo, but it also tends to involve a nightly shower. And a "hot and thorough" one at that, as Ree points out in her caption.

"Always too much info," one person commented, "BUT it's better that way." This comment alone earned the poster at least 10 likes. "I'll take him dirty," another confessed before adding, "Damn, did I say that [sic]?" — earning themselves at least a dozen. And then there was one of the favorites: "Hot and thorough. Got it." And guess who else got it? Ree Drummond, that's who. She not only liked this reply but actually replied back with an emoji blown-kiss.