Ree Drummond Shared A Sweet Farewell To Her Nephew On Her Cooking Show

The Pioneer Woman is showing her love for family and it's all thanks to her nephew, Stu. Food Network star Ree Drummond expressed thanks to her nephew via Instagram on his last day at work on her beloved cooking show. "We knew this day would come," she said, referring to him as, "My sweet Stu!!" He had visited the in the past and helped The Pioneer Woman's husband on the ranch, per Drummond's Facebook post.

Stu apparently saved the day during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Drummond recounts, noting that he "stepped in" to help shoot episodes of the popular cooking show and assisted in the kitchen as well. "Those 'couple of episodes' turned into like 80 or more," she recalled. These days, however, Stu is getting ready to report for a Chicago-based internship, and after that will return to college. "I love this kid so much, and we've had the greatest laughs," she wrote. Family member Alex Drummond Scott joined in on the lovefest, commenting, "brb, crying..." Paige Drummond replied simply with, "Awwwww."

Ree Drummond isn't the only one who loves Stu

There's nothing like a proud auntie to get the virtual tears flowing, and her fans are here to chime in with Stu-related appreciation on Ree Drummond's Instagram post. "No joke, I watch for Stu," says one Instagrammer. "Team Stu!" wrote another. A fan lamented the loss of Stu, saying, "He's sweet plus he'll eat anything. I'll miss him." To that, Drummond replied, "He'll eat anything and he'll eat everything!"

Family involvement in the show was one unexpected benefit of the pandemic. One commenter said, "I am going to miss your family's taping," noting that they love how "real" and "raw" it was. "Felt like you were cooking with a friend." An Instagram user said that the "wonderful, unexpected season of life together" must have been "really special."

Stu's exit, however, makes room for Drummond's original camera crew to return, which she said will happen in July. Most of them are from England, according to a comment from the star, so it's been a minute since the gang's been together. a fan wrote, "We need a reunion story and pics of your reunion," which Drummond concurs would be "so fun." If anyone knows how to have fun, it's The Pioneer Woman!