All Of The New Aldi Products That Could Hit The Fan Hall Of Fame

One of the leanest, but not meanest, grocery store options out there, Aldi is invested in what makes customers tick. To that end, every year the company puts out the "Aldi Fan Favorites" survey, where shoppers can speak their truth about the products they really love. This year's survey is open until May 12, 2022, and can be done quickly and easily online.

The 2021 survey once again revealed that some products have serious staying power, with Clancy's Kettle Chips and Mama Cozzi's Take and Bake Deli Pizza both earning repeat honors, per Aldi. Both of these are among the nominees for Aldi's "Hall of Fame" products, also part of the survey, says Elite Daily. Other options for the Hall of Fame include L'oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Benton's Cookies, Premium Sliced Bacon, PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water, Specially Selected Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Friendly Farms Almondmilk, Stonemill Everything Bagel Seasoning, and Huntington Home 3 Wick Candles. Or, if you're a fan of all of those items, you can simply opt-out of deciding and instead declare them all to be "winners." Sort of like a participation trophy, but for inanimate objects.

Why you might want to vote on the Aldi Fan Favorites Survey

If you shop at Aldi, it's in your best interest to let them know what you love and loathe, so that they can stock the shelves accordingly. Plus, anyone who enters has a chance to win an Aldi gift card worth $1,000. If you come up short on that one, the chain is passing out 10 additional gift cards worth $100 each, says Elite Daily. Not a bad potential return on investment for an online quiz.

The survey isn't your standard fill-in-the-blank, either. The chain came up with some clever categories, including "Dynamic Duo," which it describes as "Can't put one in the cart without the other." Examples include a particular cabernet sauvignon and a chocolate bar, or tortilla chips and dip. The questionnaire also includes other categories for family-friendly foods, dinner and beverage options, and those meats and cheeses they've dubbed "Best for Boards." If nothing else, all of these categories are great ways for shoppers to see what other consumers like, which might introduce them to products they might otherwise not have known about. Variety is the spice of life, especially when done on a budget!