Here's How To Get Free Food For A Year From The Fresh Market

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who treat trips to the grocery store like a relay race, and those who abandon the concept of linear time in order to meander the aisles of their local supermarket at the unbothered pace of a museum-goer. In general, those who shop at specialty stores like The Fresh Market fit into the latter camp. According to its website, the North Carolina-based chain is modeled after a "European-style food market," and organizes its inventory in a way that's meant to provide customers with an experience akin to a treasure hunt. In addition to the basics, the store stocks its shelves with both local and international products that can be hard to find elsewhere in the States, as well as an "old-world style butcher shop and fish market."

Like many grocery chains, The Fresh Market offers a loyalty program that comes with savings, rewards points, and even a free slice of birthday cake. And now, per a May 5 press release, the company announced its biggest loyalty perk yet: the chance to win free groceries for a year.  

The loyalty sweepstakes runs through June 28

The Fresh Market's May 5 press release explains that members of its Ultimate Loyalty Experience program will be automatically entered in a raffle to win free groceries for a year every time they make a purchase through June 28. In mid-July, the store will randomly select 160 members ("one from each store") to get a gift card granting them $200 in grocery credit per month for an entire year. If they don't spend all $200 one month, the remainder will roll over to the following month. As if that's not enough, prizewinners will also receive a check for $800. 

If you're the type of person to always lose raffles, you may be reassured to learn that members are able to get an entry to the sweepstakes with each transaction they make at the store. Alternatively, the press release states loyalty members can enter for free by logging into their account and filling out an online entry form. Considering grocery prices are higher than ever these days, getting free food for a year sure doesn't sound like a bad deal.