Why Costco Employee Unions Are Furious, According To Reddit

Costco has a history of maintaining a strong union culture. According to Bob Cut Magazine, the big box chain currently claims 17,000 employees as part of the teamsters' union. The union has helped keep wages for members much higher than the national average, protects employees from getting fired by the company, ensures breaks for lunch, and even guarantees a version of a retirement plan. While being a member requires paying dues, the union does negotiate on members' behalf when conflicts arise.

The UFCW noted that the Costco union does make a big difference in the lives of members and ensures that many of the employees can make competitive wages, especially when compared to other, non-unionized big box stores. The Teamster Union recently started negotiating with Costco for wage changes, causing some Costco employees to reach out and ask about the status of the talks. Presumably, Costco has presented the union with its final offer, raising some eyebrows and causing the union to issue an official letter to its members. This has ultimately sparked anger on Reddit.

Anger over new Costco employment terms

If you've ever wondered how much Costco employees really make, it turns out that they're not afraid to open up about it. A recent Reddit thread featuring the Costco union representatives' letter has raised tensions among users. The letter indicates that Costco representatives have lowballed employees' wages, and the union intends to fight for better-negotiated salaries. In the meantime, union representatives encourage members to disregard any rumors the company has put forward regarding their meetings.

Users jumped in to voice their complaints about Costco's current wages and business practices. One Redditor noted that, while Costco may still pay employees more than its competition, they don't shine when it comes to letting staff take time off. Others argue that the pay for CEOs and other executives has steadily risen while the employees' wages have remained stagnant — and that this needs to change.

Furthermore, others complained that the company's hazard pay doesn't nearly cover the work that they do, which is why the union's letter partially mentions the fight for the solidification of Costco workers' status as essential workers. Other Redditors noted that the raises don't match inflation and that this needs to change. Only time can tell how the negotiations between Costco and the union will pan out, but in the meantime, employees are still waiting for higher wages.