TikTok Can't Believe How Fast These Guys Can Slice Brisket

Even though you may think that using a blowtorch in the kitchen is one of the most dangerous cooking methods in existence, arguably a much more common tool is responsible for the highest number of injuries. According to Porch, knives are by far the biggest cause of kitchen injuries, being responsible for 322,562 hospital visits every year.

Taking care while cooking is, therefore, essential if you want to make sure your fingertips stay attached to your body. However, the risk of injury doesn't seem to have dented the confidence of two specific chefs showing off their knife skills on TikTok.

Far more useful and productive than knife juggling, the video, which was uploaded to TikTok by @saltlickbbq, shows two chefs in a kitchen cutting through massive sides of brisket at an incredibly rapid pace (amazingly managing to avoid hitting their fingers as they do so). As well as with their shocking slicing speed, TikTok viewers are impressed with their deliciously tender-looking pieces of barbecue beef.

The big beef joints have made TikTok happy

One TikTokker describing the beef as "mouth-watering" is probably the best way of explaining the juicy appearance of the meat in the TikTok video — and plenty of others agree. Another user compares the beef to something derived from heaven, while others are desperately longing to eat it. TikTok certainly has a lot of hungry viewers. In fact, one replier claims to be "smiling from ear to ear."

There are plenty of proud Texans in the comments. Seeing the succulent slices of meat, one viewer proclaimed, "Just like that, I'm no longer vegan!" before later retracting their boldness. The most wonderful thing of all is that the chefs managed to retain all their fingers, which has pleased several viewers.

A follow-up video was uploaded to TikTok by @saltlickbbq, showing a beef-chopping race between a male and female chef. The male wins, but TikTokkers have noticed that he appears to have a smaller brisket. Commenters are also alarmed that he appears to throw pieces of the meat away, triggering shock at the waste. One user has a philosophical conclusion, however: "Whoever is eating it are the true winners." Ultimately, people make mistakes when making brisket, but hurting yourself in the process definitely doesn't have to be one of them.