15 Non-Alcoholic Wines That Are Better Than The Boozy Kind

Non-alcoholic beverages are leading an industry-shifting movement. With all the solid alcohol-free and low-alcohol options out there, hangovers can truly be a thing of the past. Whether you prefer to abstain from alcohol for pregnancy, health, religious, or other preference-based reasons, there's no shortage of alcohol-free wines to keep you in high spirits (pun intended).

According to Decanter, there are three primary ways to turn a fermented wine into a non-alcoholic wine; spinning cone columns, vacuum distillation, and reverse osmosis. In vacuum distillation, the wine is distilled at temperatures that are lower than traditional distillation temperatures and then blended with key aromas. 

The spinning cone columns method uses the centrifugal force of spinning upside-down cones. In the reverse osmosis process, the wine undergoes a very fine filtration process that separates it into different elements that are later blended back together again. 

Whichever process is used for the distillation, the resulting wines often provide delicious alcohol-free alternatives. Some of these varieties are so good that you might just enjoy them more than the boozy kind. 

Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling

Leitz makes several delicious alcohol-free wines; according to Imbibe, Joseph Leitz began offering alcohol-free "Eins-Zwei-Zero" wines in 2007. Leitz' riesling is a great non-alcoholic variety. Riesling is a popular wine with a German heritage. Typically, much of Riseling's body and mouthfeel are derived from the alcohol content, which makes it tricky to create an alcohol-free wine that has a similar taste and sensation. 

The Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling variety goes through a vacuum distillation process to separate out the alcohol while leaving in delicious flavors. This wine has delicious notes of apple as well as rhubarb, along with a wonderfully long-drawn-out finish. Additionally, this wine also has notes of lime and citrus along with a mineral base and a bubbly, sparkling quality that feels delightful on the tongue. This wine is slightly but subtly acidic and it makes for quite a refreshing drink. It forms an excellent accompaniment to seafood. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay

Amanda Thomson founded Thomson & Scott and launched Noughty, which is an alcohol-free, halal, vegan, low sugar sparkling beverage. Amanda Thompson also champions more transparency in wine labeling practices. Since wine producers are often exempt from listing detailed information on the product labels, consumers are often left in the dark about the exact ingredients present in a specific bottle of wine. Traditional wine is fermented grape juice, but other additives may also be used, depending on the winemaker's preferences.

Thomson & Scott's Noughty wines are made up of just a few organic ingredients: The brand's Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay contains less sugar than other brands of alcohol-free wine. As for the taste, Sip Yours reports that this wine has delicate bubbles and does indeed taste like Chardonnay. It also has a light aroma of apples. 

And, if you need yet another reason to get excited about this wine, Thomson & Scott is a B Corporation and practices carbon offsetting for every purchase. So, when you purchase Noughty wines, you know that you're making a great choice for your palate as well as for the environment. 


Töst isn't even made from grapes, so it won't give you the artificial wine flavor that many alcohol-free wines have. The best part of the Töst beverage is that it has its own, exciting flavor without being too sweet. This sparkling beverage is made with carbonated water, agave, white tea, white cranberry concentrate, ginger and citrus extract, natural flavors, citric acid, and quinine. Töst is also available in a rosé variety that contains elderberry concentrate. 

Tipple Zero describes the flavor profile as having hints of cranberry, with some fruity notes and some crispness from the white tea and ginger. And, because there is substantial carbonation, it has a pleasant feel on the palate. The sparkling textures are followed by a crispy aftertaste derived from the white tea. Töst is the ideal alcohol-free beverage for those who want to celebrate but don't particularly need a drink that mimics the taste or texture of wine.

Lussory Organic Sparkling Brut

Lussory is another brand of wine that undergoes a dealcoholization process. Lussory wines undergo vacuum distillation to separate the alcohol from the wine product. Thus, the aromas, flavors, and body of the wine are still intact, and some of the wine's primary health benefits are retained. The antioxidants in Lussory wines regulate cholesterol and help prevent cancer. The grapes for these wines are derived from vineyards in the La Mancha region, which is located in Spain.  

These wines are halal and do not contain any chemicals. Lussory's white and sparkling wines are made from Airén grapes. Lussory's Organic Sparkling Brut is the perfect alcohol-free wine for a celebratory toast. After all, part of the challenge of skipping alcohol is missing the ritual and customs that surround its consumption. This crisp and refreshing sparkling wine option is a must for those who want to celebrate without drinking alcohol.  

Acid League Zephyr

The Acid League brand is committed to creating gut-friendly products. Acid League started out with a range of reimagined vinegars. The brand has also recreated wines into exciting non-alcoholic drinks. 

At first glance, the Zephyr looks like wine. It has a modern pink label and is sealed with a charming wax cap. But instead of fermented grape juice, this bottle contains Sauvignon Blanc juice, along with rhubarb juice, verjus, apple and strawberry concentrates, peppercorn bitters, hibiscus, and more. The addition of sea salt balances nicely with the fruity elements. 

This drink is layered and festive and although it's not a wine, it has plenty of complexity in terms of flavor, bringing together fruit, acid, and a hint of spice. The body has hints of silver needle white tea. Acid League suggests pairing this beverage with a seafood platter, or some zucchini pesto pasta, which sound like the makings of a perfect summer spread.

Surely Rosé

The Surely Sparkling Rosé is so good that you can guzzle it all day, with the added benefit of not experiencing any headaches or hangovers. Surely also offers non-alcoholic wines in other varieties such as sparkling white, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir.

In order to create the Sparkling Rosé, Surely first collaborates with Californian winemakers to make wine. Then, the alcohol is extracted using a spinning cone column and vacuum distillation method. This process results in a surprisingly wine-like beverage that has all the bubbles, tastes, and textures that you might expect from your favorite rosé. 

Bartrendr describes the wine as having aromas of guava juice and strawberries and as tasting quite fresh, with vibrant notes of peach. If you decide to give this wine a try, don't forget to check out Surely's website: The brand has a Dry Month Challenge which sends customers deals, tips, and membership to a private group. 

Sovi Sparkling Rosé

Who needs a glass of wine when you've got non-alcoholic wine in a can? Sovi is the cure for all your park gathering woes: No more worrying about glasses and bottle openers when you've got delicious alcohol-free wine in a can at your disposal. Sovi's Sparkling Rosé is a dry Tempranillo rosé that's heavy on those typical notes of strawberry, rhubarb, and watermelon. According to Drink Hacker, this beverage has some lovely minerality too. 

The sustainably-farmed grapes used in Sovi wines originate in Clarksburg, California. The wine is vacuum-distilled at low temperatures, which helps to preserve the wine's aromas. The wine, which is alcohol-free at that point, is then blended with grape juice concentrate to help alter the sweetness to the desired level. Cans of wine give you an ingenious way to consume your favorite drink on the go. And, with this non-alcoholic version, canned wine is available for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their teetotaler status.

Hill Street Vin(Zero) Shiraz

Shiraz wines are typically bold, full-bodied, and high in alcohol. Hill Sreet Beverage Company's Vin(zero) retains all the delicious juicy notes of Shiraz but removes the alcohol. Hill Street Beverage Company has its own alcohol removal process. This proprietary process ensures that the drink is left with tons of flavor.

Vin(Zero) has red fruit with red currants, along with hints of raspberries and some firm tannins. According to a customer review on Boisson, the wine isn't too sweet and pairs well with a nice meal, and the flavors in this wine more than compensate for the lack of alcohol. 

Hill Street also makes alcohol-free wines in other styles, including Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon, which ensures that there is something for everyone. Additionally, at a price point that starts at $12.99, these wines are relatively reasonably priced and tend to offer both value and flavor. 

Château del ISH Sparkling White

There are several varieties of alcohol-free rosé wines on the market; however, white sparking alcohol-free wines tend to be a little bit more unusual. So, it's important to mention Château del ISH's lovely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine.

This wine is made from Pinot Blanc and Silvaner and is a fun way to ring in any celebrations throughout the year. On the nose, this wine contains notes of honey, bright citrus, crisp green apple, peach, and pear. This wine also undergoes an alcohol removal process so it's still able to retain some of those beloved notes of a lovely and classic white wine. 

This is a demi-sec wine so it will have some sweetness, which makes it perfect to pair with spicy Asian dishes. Consider combining this one with sea bass with a side of vegetables for a top-notch dinner. This sparkling white wine is reasonably priced at $24 and can be ordered directly through the brand's website. 

Studio Null No. 3 Prickly Red

What do you get when you take organic Tempranillo and Syrah grapes and take away the alcohol? The answer can be found in Studio Null's No. 3 Prickly Red. As the founders explained to Cool Hunting, Studio Null prides itself on crafting a wine that originates from a delicious alcoholic wine, something many other non-alcoholic brands might not be able to claim. Like many other brands, the wine is dealcoholized through distillation. 

The prickly red has a subtle amount of carbonation that alters the mouthfeel so that it resembles a traditional red wine. Studio Null differs from other non-alcholic wine brands in that it sources new producers each year so that customers can try wines from different winemakers and different grapes: This is a great way of keeping the assortment of wines interesting. Studio Null wines are available for purchase on the brand's website. The price for these wines ranges from $27 to $32.

Señiorio Tinto Tempranillo

Most of the time, it is impossible to mistake non-alcoholic red wine for an alcoholic red wine, but Señiorio Tinto Tempranillo might just be as close as it gets. This is yet another wine that is dealcoholized through a vacuum distillation process, leaving only the flavors that wine fanatics love the most. Señorio Tinto's Tempranillo has a convincing body and mouthfeel and pairs well with rich meats, roasts, as well as various kinds of cheeses.

Lovers of Spanish wine will be impressed: A BeClink reviewer explained that while it doesn't have the same mouthfeel as normal red wine, this is more than the grape juice taste that some non-alcoholic red wines offer. Another reviewer suggested opening this bottle and allowing it to have some exposure to oxygen to ensure it fully opens up, which is yet a technique that is often used to enhance the taste of alcoholic red wines

Pierre Chavin Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay

This non-alcoholic wine checks all the boxes: It is organic, bright in terms of acidity, and has a lengthy finish. As a 0% ABV wine, Pierre Chavin's Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay has notes of white flowers, apples, and pears on the nose. According to Sans Drinks, this wine tastes like juicy, ripe peaches, acacia flower, vanilla, and zingy citrus.

While the Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay certainly isn't on the cheap end of non-alcoholic wine offerings, its flavor and texture make it well worth the price point. If you have been on the hunt for a luxurious French wine with none of the hangover effects, then you should definitely try the Pierre Chavin Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay. 

Pierre Chavin also has a large range of alcohol-free wines including a sparkling Chardonnay, rosé, and Merlot. This company aims to take noble French grape varieties and make them accessible to people with various drinking preferences. French wine production is highly sophisticated and developed, and Pierre Chavin wines prove that the French may be close to mastering non-alcoholic wine as well!

Teetotaler Sparkling Rose

If you caught the Sex & The City reboot "And Just Like That," you might remember the episode where Miranda gave up alcohol. In one scene, Miranda, along with Charlotte, and Carrie sat at a picnic table and sipped on a non-alcoholic beverage: This featured drink was the alcohol-free sparkling rosé from the Canadian brand Teetotaler Wines.

This sparkling wine is made of 100% Tempranillo and undergoes a vacuum distillation to extract alcohol. This wine contains notes of strawberries and stone fruit. It does have a lighter mouthfeel than a typical sparkling rosé and the bubbles help to bring some texture to the wine.

The Sober Curator tried several Teetotaler wines and the sparkling rosé instantly stuck out as a favorite. It's a lovely salmon color and has bouncy bubbles. Teetotaler Wines suggests pairing this with lighter dishes like salads and cheese platters or if you're a brunch fanatic, with eggs benedict.

Codorníu Zero

Codorníu Zero is a sparkling wine that is made from 100% Airén, which is a white grape that is native to Spain. Airén is Spain's number one grown white grape and is often vinified into a fresh and bright wine, and it is exactly what makes the Cordoníu Zero Sparkling Wine so delicious. It's cheerful and fresh with some fruit notes like apple and lemon zest on the nose as well as a delicate aroma of white flowers.

Cava lovers will adore this wine. Cordoníu is one of Spain's largest Cava producers, and this brand has taken its expertise to the non-alcoholic side of drinks. The company utilizes vacuum distillation to extract the alcohol from the wines. Soberito remarks that this wine has some larger bubbles, which makes for a less smooth sipping experience. Overall, however, this wine delivers some fruit notes and makes for a lovely Cava-like wine for those who prefer to skip the alcohol.

Starla Sauvignon Blanc

Starla takes non-alcoholic wine to new heights. The pink branding and iridescent bottles will definitely create a memorable drinking experience. The Sauvignon Blanc has notes of pear and lemon as well as some floral notes, like honeysuckle and peach blossom. This wine is made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Colombard, which is a French grape that is often used in wine blends.

To create the Starla Sauvignon Blanc, meticulously picked grapes are combined with botanicals and aromatics. A vacuum process is used to ensure that Starla wines offer all of the flavor and none of the alcohol. According to customer reviews, this wine is wonderfully fresh and crisp. Starla suggests pairing the Sauvignon Blanc with a roasted pork dish and a side of green lentils for a fabulous meal. Starla's premium wines are perfect for sipping on their own, or as Happily Eva After suggests, for integrating into a celebratory mocktail.