People Are Speechless Over A $500 Seafood Dinner

If you've ever felt a little sting after receiving your bill at the end of a multi-course seafood dinner, then you probably already know the amount of cash you need to shell out after adding on a dozen oysters and a shrimp cocktail can start to add up. But, for shellfish enthusiasts, enjoying their favorite foods may be well worth the price — even if it's a bit eyebrow-raising. The bill at the end of one such meal was captured on TikTok, and it really has people talking.

A video on TikTok user Damienne Flagler's account shows the highlights of a meal Flagler enjoyed in Atlanta. According to her bio, Flagler is an "International Stylist, Educator and Influencer," and, clearly, she's a seafood lover. The dinner at the center of Flagler's video was eaten at The Boiler in Atlanta, which, according to its website, serves Cajun-style seafood and crab boils. The entertaining video walks us through a variety of delicious-looking dishes she ate along with a couple of cocktails to wash them down. And, though no one would likely expect the several-course meal to be budget-friendly, a check for over $500 clearly came as a surprise to some viewers. As the video's caption comically explains, a dinner like this one may mean "Your belly gone be full but your pockets gone be empty."

Fried king crab will cost you

Be forewarned: You should probably not watch Damienne Flagler's video on an empty stomach (or maybe even with an empty wallet). She starts off with a blue rock candy martini and then has a couple of appetizers, including crab cakes, seafood egg rolls, and fried cheese sticks. After some sweet potato fries and another martini, she opts for a boil bag containing delicious-looking shellfish like lobster tail, snow crab legs, crawfish, head-off shrimp, and black mussels. According to The Boiler's menu, all boiled combos come with two pieces of corn, two potatoes, and two boiled eggs, and Flagler gets beef sausage and ramen noodles in hers.

Crab, of course, can be expensive, and Flagler rounds out the meal with fried king crab legs that cost a whopping $200. As she warns viewers, eating at The Boiler "is not a cheap date." Her bill comes to $418 with an 18% gratuity tacked on, bringing the total to just under $500 before any additional tip. Funny responses ensued. One comment said, "Ohhhhh noooo 500$ i would of been doing dishes," to which Flagler responded, "I definitely asked." For one viewer, the bill was a reality check: "I was hungry till I seen the price humbled me real quick." Another person pointed out that it is possible to leave The Boiler with money left in your pocket, writing, "Friend you ordered food was only $30 when I went." Flagler agreed, "I should've ordered what you had."