Giada De Laurentiis' Daughter Made Her A Fun Mother's Day Meal

It can be hard to live up to your parents' expectations even in the humblest of circumstances, but what about when your mom or dad is a global celebrity in the food world? It seems that sometimes, the children of food television stars follow in their parents' footsteps. Now that Guy Fieri's son is all grown up, Hunter has joined his dad on many of his shows, even talking to the stars on camera in the most recent season of "Tournament of Champions." But he's not the only Food Network star spawn who's showing an interest in their parent's field. It looks like Giada De Laurentiis' daughter Jade wants to get in on some of the culinary fun — and she's not afraid to go at her own pace.

In an Instagram video shared by De Laurentiis on this past Mother's Day, Jade can be seen cooking a special meal for her mom. But it's not something authentically Italian like her mother would make. Instead, she's whipping up a box of Annie's Homegrown mac and cheese, which comes with a white cheddar seasoning packet and mini shell pasta. "People always ask me if I can cook, and my answer is yes," Jade says in the video, jokingly gesturing at the boxed mac and cheese. What did De Laurentiis think about her daughter's creation?

Giada loved Jade's gesture

Luckily, De Laurentiis didn't seem too upset by her daughter's casual approach to cooking. "I thought this was Mother's Day, like you're supposed to do something I love to eat, not something you love to eat," she says at first (via Instagram). But then, the video shows De Laurentiis and Jade sitting down and eating the mac and cheese. "Actually, it's pretty good," De Laurentiis admits. Maybe it was Jade's hacks for making boxed mac and cheese better — ham and Parmesan cheese — that helped sway the chef.

Fans in the comments of De Laurentiis' Instagram post enjoyed the video as much as the celebrity chef ended up enjoying Jade's macaroni. "Jade is a star!!!" commented fellow Food Network host Ree Drummond of "The Pioneer Woman." "Jade is so grown up! And gorgeous," gushed former "The Next Food Network Star" contestant Martie Duncan. So far, the video has more than 250,000 views and countless comments from fans, both complimenting Jade's cooking skills and wishing De Laurentiis a happy Mother's Day. That sounds like a successful foray into the world of cooking videos to us.