The Redditor Who Decorated Their First Apartment Exclusively With Costco Furniture

While we perhaps know Costco best for its $1 hot dog and massive selection of bulk goods, Costco does in fact sell more than just food. The superstore also sells engagement rings, swimming pools, vacation packages, and, rather wildly, coffins, though these are just a few of the most bizarre things you can buy at Costco.

Yes, Costco sells furniture as well. According to Costco's website, you can purchase anything from bedroom sets to living room couches to office furniture to kitchen tables and chairs. In addition to large furniture pieces, Costco also sells bedding, rugs, entertainment centers, kitchen appliances, outdoor furniture, and fake plants.

True to form, Costco sells its furniture and decor at reasonable prices, but you'd never know just from looking at its selection. One interior designer told Insider that Costco's pieces look much more expensive than they are. In other words, if you like designer-esque decor and you're shopping on a budget, you might want to browse at the big box store. That's exactly what one new apartment tenant did. 

Costco really does sell everything you could possibly need

One Costco shopper recently shared photos of their newly furnished apartment on Reddit. According to their caption, they decorated exclusively with Costco items, from the bedroom to the office to the kitchen.

Several Redditors immediately commented on the Costco air fryer, while others were loving the poster's colorful Costco bowls. Still, others were interested in the gigantic bean bag chair. The original poster said it was made by Chillax and "molds to your body really nicely."

A few others joked about how "you really can live on just Costco." One person further joked about how Costco has you covered "from crib to casket." Another first-time homeowner said their house was also 90% Costco, while someone else teased that the photos were an "I Spy Costco spread."

This Redditor's new apartment may be reminding us of that "Friends" episode where Rachel decorates an entire apartment with Pottery Barn purchases — which BuzzFeed argues was essentially a 22-minute Pottery Barn commercial — but hey, we're here for it.