Taco Bell Wants To Upgrade Your Boring Dinners — Here's How

For those with lifestyles that are constantly on the go, it's hard to assemble meals that are both creative and tasty. Taco Bell wants to lend a helping hand with its most recent campaign.

In recent times, Taco Bell has been known for its takeout options and digital orders (via CNBC). Felss Masino, who is the head of Taco Bell's international business, stated that the company is focused on being an "easy, accessible brand." Thus, this makes the company a great stop in-between studying sessions and for post-work dinners.

And what better way is there to gain brand exposure than to use the means that Gen Z is most familiar with: social media. According to data provided by Marketing Charts, companies have seen a 94% growth in brand awareness by utilizing social media.

Taco Bell is already a veteran in launching social media campaigns, including its Beautiful Mess initiative that it launched earlier this year on YouTube. Similar to that movement, the new #iSeeATaco campaign rallies together both new and old fans' excitement about its products.

Taco Bell is introducing #iSeeATaco

Tacos, particularly those from Taco Bell, are known and adored as a tasty meal or late-night snack. Yet, there are still corners of the world where tacos are less popular, despite having a Taco Bell location.

This is where one of Taco Bell's newest campaigns comes in. The new #iSeeATaco campaign is happening on TikTok and Instagram Reels, where users are sharing their favorite ways to enjoy switching a "boring meal" for a taco, sometimes to the tune of an original Taco Bell song.

In addition, as a part of this campaign, Taco Bell is offering different variations of its classic taco around the world. This includes the Black Bean Crunchy Taco in the United Kingdom, Crunchy Taco in India, and the Crunchy Taco Supreme in Spain and Brazil (via PR Newswire).

Taco Bell really prioritizes expanding the reach of its products. In the past, it airlifted a branded taco truck to the town of Bethel, Alaska, so that residents could experience a taco from Taco Bell, per The Los Angeles Times. Though the latest marketing stunt does not involve any helicopters, it still has the same objective: to grow people's love for Taco Bell.