Why Costco's New Caramel Flan Dessert Is Sparking Disagreement

There are some desserts that you either love, or you hate. Some people go wild for an ambrosia salad recipe, and other people think combining sour cream, mini marshmallows, and canned fruit is, well, a terrible idea. There are those who find the springy, wiggly texture of a freshly unmolded Jell-O dessert to be pleasing and those who think it's an abomination. Flan seems to fall into this category of polarizing desserts, and a version being sold at Costco recently caused some controversy on social media as fans discussed whether or not it was worth buying (via Instagram).

Flan is a custard dessert that goes back to the time of the ancient Romans, and these days it's popular in many countries. We won't parse out the real difference between Mexican flan and Filipino flan here, but it's safe to say that there are tons of versions of this dessert to be found in kitchens, bakeries, and big-box discount stores around the world. So what exactly is it about Costco's version of flan that has fans skeptical?

Fans said the flavor was off

MasterClass describes a "classic flan" as "silky smooth, yet firm enough to hold its shape when carved up with a spoon; and creamy but not cloying, highlighted with a sharp, sweet note of caramel." Unfortunately, it seems that Costco's new caramel flan, which comes with several individual servings in their own glass cups in each package, missed the mark for some people. When one commenter on an Instagram post about the new product asked if the flan had a Jell-O type texture, another user replied, "Yeah...it wasn't good at all. I gave mine away." More than one person said that the flavor wasn't great, either. "They had such a weird taste," said one, while another claimed, "if you love flan, you'll be disappointed." Apparently, to some these flan tasted like "sour alcohol," "burnt sugar," or on the flip side, had "no taste at all."

But some people actually loved the Costco caramel flan, just showing how many diverse opinions people hold about this dessert. "It's the best ever!" one fan shared, while another said that "these were delish!" One commenter shared that "It's one of my favorite Costco desserts," and another recommended the dulce de leche flavor. Curious flan fans might be confused about this option at Costco, with such mixed reviews. Taste (or distaste, depending on the commenter) can be a very personal thing.