The Eggs Benedict Hack That Will Save You So Much Time In The Kitchen

It's easy to stroll in the kitchen on any given morning and whip up some buttered toast. Or, if you're feeling like a chef, you might even cook some eggs and bacon to go with it. Plenty of once-difficult breakfast dishes have become more attainable through the years. Shake-and-pour pancake mix helps you get fluffy pancakes with hardly any effort, while pre-cooked bacon means just popping it in the microwave to get that extra crisp without all of the grease.

However, eggs Benedict is one dish that many breakfast lovers order out — it was even purportedly invented at the restaurant Delmonico's, per Atlas Obscura — yet they may not even touch it when it comes to preparing the meal in their own kitchen. But what if there were a way to get that perfectly poached egg and creamy hollandaise sauce without actually having to take the traditional, time-consuming steps required? It turns out that with one easy trick, it isn't nearly as hard as you thought.

Try this hollandaise hack next time you make eggs Benedict

Though traditional hollandaise is made with lemon juice, butter, and egg yolks, plenty of amateurs and professionals alike have changed the methods and ingredients through the years. For example, Gordon Ramsay's hollandaise sauce recipe with a twist uses elements such as avocado and tarragon. While some have added to the sauce, others have found ways to reduce its difficulty.

According to Serious Eats, gone are the days of vigorously whisking your egg yolks in a double boiler while simultaneously making sure to add the perfect amount of butter and lemon juice. Rather, you can actually make this mouthwatering sauce with just a hand blender. It's simple: Add the lemon juice and egg yolks to a cup or deep bowl (one that a hand blender won't damage). Then, blend the ingredients while also slowly adding the butter. Serious Eats says the method only takes about two minutes total, and voila. You've just made your eggs Benedict process that much easier.