The Unexpected TV Award Gordon Ramsay Might Win

Who doesn't like being recognized for their work, especially when it's on a national or international stage? For musicians, winning a Grammy may be the crowning achievement of their careers, while many actors dream of being awarded an Oscar to proudly display on their shelves. Similarly, in the culinary world, chefs and restaurateurs put forth some serious effort in the kitchen in hopes of having their work worthy of an award from the James Beard Foundation or a Michelin Star, the latter of which chef Gordon Ramsay knows a little bit about.

Per his website, Ramsay's very first eatery Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, earned the maximum three Michelin Stars just a few years after it opened in 1998, which the eatery still holds to this day. The achievement makes up only part of the 22 total Michelin Stars that Fine Dining Lovers reports the chef has earned throughout his career, seven of which he currently holds across four restaurants. And while they don't necessarily make up for Ramsay's lost Michelin Stars, Ramsay has racked up a number of other impressive accolades in his life as well, especially for his television ventures. According to his IMDb page, the celeb chef has earned 15 nominations and six awards for his on-screen work, and soon he may be able to add another exciting — and somewhat unexpected — notch to that list. Per MTV, Ramsay has been nominated for an award at its upcoming Movie & TV Awards. Congrats, chef!

Gordon Ramsay had the best reaction to his MTV Movie & TV Award Nomination

The nominating committee for MTV's Movie & TV Awards may have saved themselves from being the subject of one of Gordon Ramsay's notoriously harsh insults with their decision to nominate the chef for one of this year's awards. "@gordonramsay congratulations are in order ... because you're nominated for Best Host at the #MTVAwards!!!" read a post to the MTV Twitter account on Wednesday, May 11.

According to MTV, Ramsay is specifically being recognized for his hosting duties on "MasterChef," for which he has also earned both Teen Choice Award and Critics Choice Award nominations in the past (via IMDb). His competition in the category includes Charlemagne the God, Kelly Clarkson, RuPaul, and Rob Dyrdek, with the winner being determined by votes online. The polls are open through May 18 and fans can cast votes up to 20 times a day. After the polls close, the votes will be tallied up, and the winners will be crowned at the MTV Music & TV Awards that will air on MTV on Sunday, June 5.

Unsurprisingly, fans of the "Hell's Kitchen" host responded positively to the chef's MTV Music & TV Award nomination, with one person tweeting that it was "well deserved." However, Ramsay himself may have had one of the best reactions. "Does this make me a cool dad now?" he tweeted. Don't worry, chef, we're pretty sure your TikTok videos have already taken care of that.