The Unexpected Product Magnum Ice Cream Is Now Selling

Self-care comes in all different forms. For some, it could be going for an invigorating run or taking a meditative yoga class. For others, it could be a nap or time out with friends. And for some, it could be settling down on the couch for a cozy night of pampering yourself along with your favorite snacks. After all, what could be a better combination than some sweets and a bubble bath, a face mask, and a colorful manicure or pedicure? Perhaps nothing, which is why the ice cream brand Magnum is now partnering with the independent beauty brand Nails.INC to give its fans the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing night of self-care.

Magnum has just announced that it will be joining forces with Nails.INC to release a brand new line of nail polishes that, rather than having the harsh, chemical smell that is often associated with cosmetics, will have a mouthwatering chocolate scent. The line-up will feature three sweet sets of six different delectable, creamy polish shades inspired by Magnum's delicious Duet ice cream bars, per PR Newswire. 

The Almond Duet set blends "a buttery shade of light brown" Glazed Almond with the " ich dark brown" of Dark Chocolate, while the Chocolate Duet set delivers a pop of color with a bright hot pink Raspberry Swirl and White Chocolate, a lighter, silky pink hue. Lastly, the Cookie Duet pairs a beige Crunchy Cookie color with a light brown Classic Chocolate for an understated neutral look. Naturally, fans have already taken to social media to express their intrigue about this collaboration.

The Magnum ice cream x Nails.INC nail polishes are available online

If the responses on social media are anything to go by, ice cream and nail polish fans can't wait to get their hands on this unexpected yet delightful collaboration. New York City-based nail artist @nailsbymei took to Instagram to promote the indulgent new nail polishes by showing off some of her creative designs, telling her fans, "I'm partnering with @magnumicecream @nailsinc to indulge in my favorite things...nail art and ice cream...I created 3 delicious nail designs using their new Duet polishes inspired by @magnumicecream's Duet bars, the first ice cream bars to be dipped in two types of chocolate for the ultimate indulgent experience!"

Many of her followers were quite impressed by @nailsbymei's newest artwork, filling her comments section with dozens of hearts and heart-eye emojis. "These are amazing and delicious," @sta_ger raved. "Love these, Mei!!!" another user agreed. A third simply but eloquently said, "These are amazing and delicious."

For those who want to create some sweetly scented nail artwork of their own, these new Magnum ice cream x Nails.INC nail polishes are available for purchase online at Amazon and for $7.99 apiece, per PR Newswire.