The Costco Frozen Treat That Has Everyone Talking

The official start of summer is a little over a month away. In many parts of the country, the reading on the temperature gauge is finally starting to show signs of its impending arrival, meaning it's about that time to start stocking the freezer with ice cream bars and other frozen treats that can help cool you down all season long. After all, you don't want to be stuck waiting around for the ice cream truck to roll through your neighborhood when you're in need of some relief from the hot summer sun.

Between all of the popular ice cream brands and individually-packaged novelties you can find at the grocery store, there's no shortage of options when it comes to filling your home with brain freeze-inducing desserts. However, for a number of Costco shoppers, there's one treat that stands above the rest: Binggrae's Melona Ice Cream Bars. Originally hailing from South Korea, where the product made its debut in 1992, the fruit-flavored ice cream-on-a-stick has captured the hearts of many of the big-box retailer's members since they were first introduced to its frozen dessert selection for a limited time a few years back.

The hype has hardly died down in the time since, and now that the treats have made their long-awaited return to Costco warehouses once again for Summer 2022, fans are once again taking to the internet to express their love.

Costco shoppers are stoked to see Melona Ice Cream Bars back in stores

Many Costco shoppers are rejoicing after discovering Binggrae's beloved Melona Ice Cream Bars back in stores, including Reddit user u/nikobunni, who gushed over the treat in a recent post to the retailer's subreddit page. "OMG!! Melona is IT!!" the Redditor posted on Friday, May 6, along with a photo of one of the mango-flavored ice cream pops that they had already partially scarfed down. "Bought them yesterday and I'm about to devour the whole box," they added, which was a sentiment that many of their fellow Costco cardholders seemed to be familiar with. 

"My kids destroyed these in no time. I got a couple. They were wonderful," Reddit user u/c0ldgurl said in response to the post. "We had to go back to Costco and grab another box in 3 days," user u/choooodle also shared.

Costco's 24-pack of Melona Ice Cream bars comes with mango, coconut, and honeydew melon-flavored treats, the latter of which was a favorite for several commenters on the Reddit thread. For those that haven't had the apparent pleasure of enjoying the summertime delicacy, Costcuisine described them as "creamy, light, fruity, and flavorful." They are typically available exclusively during the summer months, leading many Costco shoppers to stock up each year when they come around. Fortunately, as one Redditor pointed out last year, they have a shelf life of nearly two years, meaning once they're sold out, buyers can continue enjoying them long after summer is gone.