Buffalo Wild Wings' New Cocktail Has An Unexpected Ingredient

Buffalo Wild Wings is arguably most well-known for the spicy flavors on its menu, as well as its exclusive Mountain Dew Legend, which was created to deliver some simmer to patrons' taste buds. This April, the chain released its limited-edition Doritos Flamin' Hot Nacho Sauce, which is described as both hot and citrusy (via Inspire Stories). But a food item that provides a similar lime taste to the zest that is in the sauce is Mountain Dew.

For those who don't know, Buffalo Wild Wings' soft drinks are supplied by PepsiCo, which includes beverages such as Sierra Mist and Brisk. In addition to these offerings, the chain's menu consists of a handful of cocktails, including the house margarita and the classic mojito (via The Food XP). 

Though some people might think that the soft drinks are more for the under 21 crowd, adults can now choose to have a soda and a cocktail all in one with the launch of Buffalo Wild Wings' newest cocktail.

Buffalo Wild Wings has a Mountain Dew cocktail

According to a press release, Buffalo Wild Wings' newest mixed drink, the Legendary Long Island, contains the chain's exclusive Mountain Dew Legend (via PR Newswire).

In itself, the Mountain Legend is described as citrusy, with notes of blackberry and ginger. This makes the drink have a similar color (and perhaps even flavor profile) as Mountain Dew's newly released Purple Thunder, which is only found in Circle K stores (via Food & Wine).

The classic Long Island Iced Tea contains a mix of tequila, vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, and a splash of Coke. But the Legendary Long Island adds in a splash of lemon sour and Mountain Dew Legend in place of coke, giving it more of a berry flavor and hue. However, both beverages aren't short on alcohol or flavor.

So, while the kids at the dinner party can still order a serving of the Mountain Dew Legend, their grown-up friends can try out the Legendary Long Island for a spiked twist on Buffalo Wild Wings' exclusive product.