TikTok Is Cringing Over A Bakery's Jab At The Depp-Heard Trial

Sending someone a sweet treat is typically meant as a sign of goodwill. But that's not exactly the sentiment this Australian bakery hoped to deliver when it posted this video on its TikTok account.

The video was a commentary on the ongoing Depp-Heard trial. The bakery, Dessert Boxes, specializes in making boxes of sweet treats, which are meant to be sent to loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. But one of its most recent was more of a jab than a congratulatory symbol. In the video, the viewer could see a hand-shaped donut with one of its fingers botched off seconds into the clip. The narrator explained that while the full "hand" was going to Amber Heard, along with a small bottle of Smirnoff, the fingertip would be sent to Johnny Depp.

This statement referenced Depp's allegation that Heard had thrown a vodka bottle at Depp during a trip to Australia, which had his finger detached (via Insider).

Users thought the video was made in bad taste

Though the TikTok video received nearly 17,000 likes and over 600,000 views, many people in the comments found the "joke" to be in bad taste, especially due to the serious nature of the ongoing case. "That's not ok," wrote one user and the comment received over 600 likes in agreement. Another user commented, "POV: how to go out of business." However, some users cranked some jokes of their own in the comments, including one person who wrote, "It should have been jelly filled." A few users even praised the video, and one TikToker said, "Yasssss this is hilarious !!!!!!" Another commented, "I'm an American & FULLY SUPPORT THIS!!"

Dessert Boxes is a company based in Australia, where the alleged violent confrontation between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp transpired. According to The Independent, Heard and Depp were in a heated argument regarding a postnuptial agreement in 2015. According to Depp's testimony, Heard threw a vodka bottle at him, which cut off his finger. As the trial is still underway, it is safe to say that Dessert Boxes' video remains controversial on the internet.

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