Hershey's Decadent New Snack Is Only Available At Sam's Club

There are as many reasons to shop at Sam's Club as there are shoppers. For the uninitiated, Sam's Club is a warehouse shopping experience for members only, and millions of people pay to play there. The no-frills superstore with nearly 600 locations is part of the Walmart empire, and people love it because it has everything under one roof. Heck, you can pick out appliances for your kitchen and fill up your fridge with groceries all at the same place.

Groceries are a big draw at the chain, especially if you have many mouths to feed, with some Sam's food items having cult followings. If you're going to push a cart, wander those big, wide aisles, and paw through pallets of stuff, you might also need a snack. You'll find oodles of them, including many under the Member's Mark label. Fan favorites include lightly salted whole cashews, triple berry nut trail mix, dark chocolate thins with almonds, chocolate raisins, and cheesecake minis (via Sam's Club's website). Tiny cheesecakes qualify as a snack, right?

What's your definition of a binge-worthy snack? If sweet and crunchy and a little bit salty is your jam, Hershey's has dropped a new munchy-crunchy snack that fits the bill.

Pop over to Sam's Club for popcorn that tastes like cookies and cream

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Drizzled Popcorn is just what it sounds like, per Thrillist: popcorn glazed with a smooth white coating and sprinkled with chocolate cookie bits that add even more crunch. A one and one-quarter cup serving of the candied popcorn contains 140 calories, which isn't too bad if you're counting calories. Worth noting is that the top ingredient is sugar, according to the product's package. The popcorn comes in an 18-ounce bag, sells for $6.98, and will be available for a limited time only at Sam's Club.

Hershey's is confident enough in its Cookies 'n' Creme Drizzled Popcorn to label it as "pure happiness” on the package. Too, Jason Mazurek, a product reviewer on YouTube, got his hands on some Cookies 'n' Creme Drizzled Popcorn and shared his thoughts. (Worth noting is that he works for Sam's Club). He points out the white coating drizzled on the popcorn is labeled white cream, not white chocolate, and describes the snack as more cream forward than cookie forward, with the cookie pieces contributing just a bit of crunch. "They don't add much flavor,” he muses in between bites. "It's not bad, though,” he adds. "I can't stop eating it.”

Team Larsen of Cave Springs, Arkansas, gives the new product five stars on the Sam's Club product listing. "Hide it from the kids! (unless you want to share),” their review warns. "This was a huge hit with the family. ... Worked in baggies in the car for a ballpark snack and for a special movie night. Hope this isn't a limited item because we're in need of another.”