Trolli Is Giving Away $50,000 — Here's How To Enter

The candy makers at Trolli are at it again, having unveiled a new addition to the sour confection market. The brand's latest concoction to hit store shelves are chewy worms called Sour Bursting Crawlers. They appear to be very similar to Trolli's Sour Brite Crawlers — but with the addition of "a gooey explosion of flavor inside," per the product listing. The sweet and sour "burst" the brand is referring to comes from cherry pineapple, strawberry grape, mango fruit punch, and blue raspberry-strawberry flavors. If you haven't yet sunk your teeth into these newfangled crawlers, they're available now at most typical retail outlets, such as grocery, convenience, and drug stores, per a company press release

Despite being a nostalgic snack brand whose portfolio includes Peachie O's and classic gummy bears, Trolli says it has enjoyed consistent growth over the last three decades and reports a whopping 21.5% sales growth year-to-date versus last year. With foods from the 1990s making a comeback and the general sour candy concept on a steady rise in popularity, per Candy Industry, things appear to be looking good for Trolli economically.

That's presumably where the confectioner got the funds to offer up a big old cash prize — substantial enough to pay off student loans, buy a lot more candy, or whatever else a candy lover could want — for a new contest.

It's surprisingly easy to enter Trolli's sweepstakes

To enter to win the $50,000 Trolli is giving away this month, simply visit the appropriately named PleaseEat.US site. There's a poll at the bottom asking visitors to chime in on a variety of questions, the first asking which word they'd use to describe their favorite food, with the options "bursting," "juicy," or "deliciously explode-y" to choose from. Or, people can skip the quiz and go straight to the good stuff: entering the contest. Can't blame a company for trying to get a little marketing info while they've got a person metaphorically hooked like a crawler on the contest.

All entries must be completed by May 30, and although only one person will win the grand cash prize, 1,000 others will get a bag of the new Trolli Bursting product to sample, says the press release. Even though the candy itself is sour, the potential for prizes seems pretty sweet.