Aldi Fans Are Divided Over Its New Summer Iced Coffee Flavors

Whether you need something to help you wake up in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up to get you through the day, coffee is rarely a bad idea. From the taste to the aroma to the social opportunities, there are so many reasons that people gravitate towards a steaming hot cup of java. While there are certain myths about coffee that most people believe, no one can deny that this caffeinated brew helps keep drowsiness down and energy levels up. It also switches individual's metabolism into high gear, and even helps enhance mood and memory, as noted by Premium Waters.  

As summer approaches, there is both a lot to look forward to and a lot to get done, especially if you're in school or have kids in school. One beverage that can come in handy during this time? Lots and lots of iced coffee. Not only is iced coffee the perfect drink for long summer days, it also helps beat the heat. While some people prefer drinking a simple black coffee day after day, others like experimenting with new flavors. If you're looking to mix up your iced coffee selection at home, Aldi has recently debuted two unique flavors offering shoppers additional options when it comes to caffeinated beverages (via Instagram). 

Aldi's new summer iced coffee flavors are sweet

User @aldifavoritefinds took to Instagram to showcase the two new iced coffee flavors available at Aldi. "Iced Coffee drinkers can enjoy two new flavors throughout the summer months! These will probably be located in the refrigerated section near the Mocha Iced Coffee and other refrigerated items," they captioned their post. The two new Barissimo Coffee flavors are Cookies & Cream and S'Mores. According to the packaging, both flavors are naturally and artificially flavored and made with real milk and cream. 

Several fellow Aldi shoppers used this post as an opportunity to rave about these new products, as well as share the release of these beverages with friends. "S'mores is soo good," one user commented, while another wrote "I tried both! They are so yummy. Cookies and cream was my fave."

While both flavors received some positive feedback, other customers weren't as thrilled with their latest Aldi purchase. One of the major complaints was that these beverages were too sweet and lacked the taste of coffee. "This taste like a yummy chocolate milk where's the caffeine," one user expressed, while another mentioned "Both are very sweet. I added coffee."