You Can Win A Year's Worth Of Dairy-Free Cheese. Here's How To Enter

If you love cheese (and who doesn't?), you've probably heard a lot of cheesy puns by now. Everything's better with cheddar. What a friend we have in cheeses. Do you brie-lieve in magic? Have a gouda day!

National Cheese Day is June 4, and it's a day to celebrate cheeses big and small, as well as cheeses that aren't cheeses in the traditional sense at all. Not everyone can eat dairy cheese, and vegan cheese alternatives are growing in, well, eatership, and have made their presence known on grocery store shelves (per Eater).

Most of us are likely to mark National Cheese Day with pizza, macaroni and cheese, charcuterie boards, and other foods made with cheddar, mozzarella, and good old American cheese. After all, these are America's varieties, per YouGovAmerica. But those who are vegan, lactose intolerant, or allergic to dairy don't have to miss the party. In fact, one dairy-free cheese brand is celebrating the occasion with a giveaway that will deliver a year of cheesy goodness to one lover of plant-based cheese.

One So Delicious contest winner will receive free dairy-free cheese for a year

If you're among the millions of people who love cheese but don't eat dairy — or are an adventurous eater who's simply curious about cheese alternatives — you're probably familiar with the brand So Delicious Dairy Free. So Delicious is known for its plant-based alternatives to milk, coffee creamer, yogurt, frozen desserts, and, of course, cheese. The cheeses are widely available and get generally high marks on product review websites such as Home Tester Club.

To mark National Cheese Day this year, So Delicious is holding a great giveaway. The giveaway is two-pronged: One fan of alternative cheeses will receive an entire year's worth of So Delicious' dairy-free products, and 200 select people will each receive a single package of So Delicious slices, "shreds,” and cream cheese-like spreads.

The contest takes place on Instagram. Comment on the So Delicious Instagram post between May 26 and June 4 (National Cheese Day) using the hashtag #CheesyGuarantee and noting what meals and recipes you'll make with So Delicious cheese alternatives. Mac and cheese? Grilled cheese? Pizza? Tacos? Burgers? The possibilities are as vast as your imagination and the world of cheese, and cheese lovers everywhere can rejoice with recipes that include folks that can't have dairy. It's a win-win-win all the way around.