Church's Chicken Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Menu Item

One common marketing ploy used by fast food restaurants is to take away popular menu items, then bring them back to great fanfare. Taco Bell does it all the time, most recently with the ultra-popular Mexican Pizza. Others love to incorporate limited-time-only offerings to generate buzz and get those customers on site, "while supplies last." For example, Long John Silvers has been known to peddle "lobster bites" at select locations, Wendy's sometimes has a "hot honey chicken biscuit" on its menu, and the Brisket Bacon 'N Beef Dip is a popular choice at Arby's when it's available, per Finance Buzz. Of course, everyone knows about pumpkin spice flavored everything at Starbucks during the fall months.

In essence, nothing makes people want something more than the sheer fact that they can't get it any time they want. Think of it as food items playing hard to get. Now, Church's Chicken has gotten in on the action, with the re-emergence of a popular menu item.

Get ready for the return of the Original Smokehouse Chicken

Fans of the Original Smokehouse Chicken at Church's Chicken will no doubt be thrilled to learn that the chain is bringing back its ultra-beloved 1.0 version. The restaurant has notoriously played around with various incarnations of the sandwich since first introducing it six years ago.

Most recently, the Bourbon Black Pepper version of the same sandwich hit store menus. It featured a "bourbon-inspired glaze" and "sweet 'n smoky finish," per Church's website. Patrons who order the Original Smokehouse Chicken sandwich at Church's will get a whopping half chicken featuring a marinade and coating that are known for "artfully combining sweet and savory notes," per BusinessWire

Indeed, this one should be about as authentic as fast food barbeque chicken gets since tastemakers at Church's hit the Texas BBQ Trail (between Austin and San Antonio) for inspiration. The $6 combo meal is served with one of the chain's trademark Honey-Butter Biscuits, as well mashed potatoes and a drink. It's available in Church's stores beginning May 26, just in time for summer.