15 Sandwich Hacks For Summer Picnics

Simple pleasures can take some planning, and none more so than a summer picnic. Enjoying nibbles while sitting atop a blanket on a grassy meadow sounds idyllic — the perfect setting to make core memories with loved ones. A picnic brings families together and is a fun day out for all ages. Whatever the occasion, size of the party or ages of the participants, one element of a picnic is a given and that's a day out with some sandwiches. Not just tasty, they're also easy to prepare, pack, and travel with. Once you're settled at your destination, they're also a good, uncomplicated option eating-wise, too (via Love to Know).

Everyone loves a sandwich and because you can choose so many different fillings, they appeal to all. You may enjoy customizing your own sandwich or making a platter using different ingredients so everyone can pick and choose. However, there's more than one way to make a sandwich, and we've compiled some great hacks that either make preparation easier, enhance the taste or simply ensure your efforts are in one piece when you arrive at your summer picnic. 

1. Make one sandwich to create 12 rolls

Why make 12 separate sandwiches when you can just make one instead? Getting picnic snacks ready without too much fuss means you've got more time to enjoy yourself. A great hack that @CheySingh posted on TikTok was inspired by Pinterest and offers a sandwich tip for the beach. With this tip, you can take your easily transportable sandwich rolls with you to munch on as you sit on a blanket on the sand, in the sunshine or at a picnic bench anywhere you please. 

Explained on Easy Peasy Pleasy too, all you need to do is grab a pack of King's Hawaiian rolls and instead of making individual sandwiches, cut across the rolls without separating them or taking them out of the carton. You can then add on your condiments, such as mayonnaise, and all your fillings. Spread these across the lower half of the rolls as if they make up one giant sandwich, then add on the top layer. Cut between the rolls, so that your massive single sandwich becomes a dozen individual servings. Fold up the edges of the carton and pop the whole thing back in the bag. Tie up and you're all set. It's easy to see why this picnic sandwich hack went viral, so much so that it was even featured on Fox News.

2. Enjoy mess-free sandwiches

Have you ever excitedly bitten into a sandwich only for the filling to come out of the sides? The result can be super messy, with condiments and whatever else is between the bread all over your fingers and face or even dropping out on your clothes. It's even worse if you're at an outdoor picnic where you might not have a plate or a convenient place to wash your hands. Thankfully, Reddit has offered a solution to enjoying a well-filled sandwich without this tragedy happening.

Not only is your filling going to stay put, giving your more sandwich satisfaction, but you're also going to be making a triple-decker too. Lay out three slices of bread and cut out the middle of one of them, keeping the crust intact. Place the cut-out slice on top of one of the uncut slices. In the dip that you've created, you can load in any fillings that could easily escape, whether it be avocado, as suggested in the tip, or hummus. Add the regular slice on top. Now, bite into your picnic sandwich knowing that your crust is keeping your fillings corralled and your sandwich delightfully mess-free.

3. Freeze PB&J sandwiches

So, you're planning to head off for a family picnic early on the weekend but the thought of getting up even earlier to make sandwiches for ravenous kids is far less appealing. However, you may not want to make them the night before either, as the bread might go a little stale or your sandwiches might become a bit soggy with your fillings. A fantastic hack suggested by Fun Cheap Or Free is to make a load of family-favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and freeze them. 

Anyone can help you with making sandwiches when you have time before your day out, kiddos included. Make a good batch, and if you love peanut butter, a good tip is to spread it on both sides of the bread. You can then separate your sandwiches into freezer bags and freeze them. If you're feeling creative, you can use a cookie cutter to make fun sandwich shapes before you put them in the freezer. Simply take your frozen sandwiches out before you travel and they'll be thawed out and ready to eat when you arrive at your beautiful picnic spot, without the fillings heating up in the summer sun. 

4. Load up a pressed baguette

Cucumber sandwiches may be wonderfully delicate if you're throwing a civilized high tea, perhaps with a cup of fine Darjeeling. However, you may want a more robust sandwich experience if you're heading out into the Great Outdoors for a picnic. You may be adding into your day a hike in the countryside, swimming in a lake or paddling in the sea, not to mention sports such as cycling or playing a family game of baseball. A loaded baguette is full of different layers of delicious fillings from cold meats to cheeses and grilled veggies, as well as hummus, mayonnaise, and creamy avocado dressing, plus salad. To make sure your sandwich doesn't fall apart when you pack it for a picnic, follow this great hack from Greatest.

Let your taste buds guide you and make your dream sandwich. To keep all the fillings together, wrap up your sandwich with wax paper, cling wrap. or foil if you prefer. Next, you want to press your sandwich by weighing it down. Grab books or cast iron pan — whatever you can get your hands on that's heavy. Place atop your sandwich, and press it down further with extra weight on top, ensuring that the downward pressure is uniform. Place in the fridge for at least a few hours or longer. Your pressed sandwich will be compacted enough to transport easily, yet it's not squashed or broken so you can still enjoy each layer of taste. 

5. Make a sandwich boule loaf to slice

Take a sandwich loaf to your next picnic and you'll never make simple sandwiches again. A simple but ingenious hack presented by Freckled Life is to turn a boule loaf into an easily portable sandwich. Even better, you can cut it into slices like a pie so that everyone gets the size of sandwich they want. It's also less messy too, as you can add in softer ingredients that might otherwise leak out of a conventional sandwich. The fact that you're not having to slice bread and make individual sandwiches is also a great benefit and makes picnic preparation simple.

Grab yourself a boule-style loaf that's crusty on the outside and soft inside. Cut off the top so that you're able to scoop out a lot of the bread inside. Don't throw this away, keep it for another recipe for another time. You should now have a bread bowl and you can start adding in your fillings. Because of the harder outer edge, there's no need to worry that oil or ingredients might leak out. If you like your sandwiches loaded, press the filling down as you add it so you can fit more in. Put the bread top back on and you have your picnic-ready sandwich loaf. Take a bread knife with you to cut pie-like slices of your sandwich loaf whenever you're ready to eat. 

6. Serve sandwich skewers

Sitting in natural surroundings and enjoying a picnic makes for a special day, so why not make your sandwiches a little different so they feel special too? An infographic by Swissotel has some great suggestions for the perfect picnic experience, such as these sandwich kebabs. Not only do they look great but you'll also have fun making them, and kids will undoubtedly enjoy the novelty of eating them between running around in the fresh air. 

All you need to do is cut out shapes in slices of bread and in the fillings too, using either a knife or cookie cutters. Next, add your ingredients to a skewer to keep them in place. Transport your sandwich kebabs to your picnic more easily by wrapping them in greaseproof paper to protect them. Kids can eat the kebabs as they are, or they can take the pieces off the skewer and make their own sandwiches right there and then during the picnic. Not only is this tip creative, but it also keeps sandwiches from getting squashed and soggy. It also gives youngsters the opportunity to eat the fillings that they like.

7. Keep hot dogs hot in a flask

There's no reason why your picnic can't include some hot food. If you're wondering how this might be possible for a countryside picnic that's a long drive away, then you're in need of a genius picnic hack posted on Facebook by Swords & Snoodles. If you have kids who love hot dogs, then this is definitely a winning strategy.

Drain a can of hot dogs, and put them in a flask full of boiling water. Bring hot dog buns and a tub of ketchup for on-site assembly. With the hot dogs staying hot for many hours, you can get to your picnic spot, have some fun, and still be able to make hot dogs on your blanket afterward. This on-the-go tip was also offered up on Instagram by @thefeebsfeedbeach, advising parents to heat up the hot dogs and then add them to a flask that's been warmed beforehand with boiling water. Warm hot dogs in dry buns certainly beats cold, soggy sandwiches. 

8. Make breadless cucumber subs

Cut down on the carbs and the potential for soggy picnic fare with bread-free cucumber subs. Not only are you replacing the bread with a healthy vegetable, but you can fit plenty of filling in the cucumber hollows too, thanks to this Wholesome Yum hack. Just as there is a myriad of sandwich fillings to choose from, you can also experiment with your cucumber versions, whether you add cold cuts and cheese or opt for meat-free and dairy-free ingredients. It's also easy to do, too. 

Cut your cucumber in half so it's as long as a sub sandwich. Then slice each half lengthwise. To prevent your cucumber sandwiches from being watery and to make sure you've got room for your fillings, you need to then remove the juicy seeds. Use a spoon to create a trough-like hollow in each,  leaving the cucumber skin and the harder part of the vegetable unscathed. Add mayonnaise in a thin layer before you add your fillings. A good tip is to try and roll or fold ingredients so that they fit neatly in the dip. Meanwhile, you might want to get everything ready in advance for a picnic and only add the fillings last minute so that your cucumbers can be patted to dry them before you make your tasty, bread-free sandwiches. If you're pressed for time, though, you can make your cucumber subs fully in advance.

9. Pack picnic sandwiches in a bread bag

Sometimes the best hacks are the simplest of all. One top tip suggested on Reddit for transporting sandwiches to a picnic is a no-brainer. If you haven't ever thought of this, then you may well have one of those moments when you slap your forehead, because it's so obvious and straightforward. It also offers a further handy picnic solution beyond this as well.

After you've made rounds of sandwiches out of your sliced loaf, all you need to do is stack them neatly on top of each other and pop them back in the bag the bread came in. It makes sense as the bag was made to fit the slices exactly. You can tie the end too, just as your loaf was originally. Another tip that helps keep picnicking cleaner, is that once you've scoffed all the sandwiches you can use the bag to collect all your trash right away, so you're not at risk of littering any beauty spots or attracting any unwanted interest from wildlife with scraps of food!

10. Avoid soggy sandwiches

Regardless of what you like to put on your bread, one common dislike has to be soggy sandwiches. If you don't eat your sandwiches straight away, you run the risk that by the time you unpack your picnic basket and lay out your blanket, your bread has gone limp with moisture. If you use salad ingredients such as lettuce and tomato, as well as condiments like mustard and mayonnaise, you may find your bread soaks up the liquid and loses its appeal. Wonder How To offers some pretty useful tips on how to keep sandwiches crisp for longer.

Firstly, try lightly toasting your bread to harden the surface, making it more resilient to sogginess. Next, spread a little olive oil on the bread so that any moisture's repelled. Thoroughly dry off any ingredients you've rinsed, and put any condiments in the middle of the sandwich between proteins such as cheese and meats, away from the bread.

11. Make mini sandwiches

There are plenty of reasons why you might be planning a picnic, and it may be because you want to do something deliciously romantic. Sitting on a rug with your loved one, surrounded by natural beauty, with morsels of delectable finger food laid out is definitely enough to inspire romance. As you enjoy some time with your loved one, however, you're not really going to want to be biting into a big, sloppy sandwich. 

To give your picnic a touch of class and sophistication, follow this tip from Reddit, which recommends creating delicate bite-size sandwiches and was offered for a wedding proposal picnic. You can make 12 mini sandwiches using three slices of bread. On the first slice add your fillings, so you want your salad, protein and a condiment spread on the bread first. Add the second slice and add fillings again before putting the third slice on top, so you now have a triple-slice sandwich. Cut this in half and spear each of the halves with six toothpicks, evenly spread out. Cut down each half lengthways and create squares by cutting widthways between the sticks. The sticks not only act as a guide so that you have uniform mini sandwiches, they're also left in so you can easily pick each square up and pop it in your mouth. (via Appetizer Addiction).

12. Wrap lettuce around your fillings

It's happened to everyone. Despite your best efforts to be careful, you take a big bite of a wonderful, homemade sandwich and lose half the filling out the other side. This can happen anywhere, but it's fair to say that it's far more likely when you're chowing down on a picnic sandwich since you're more likely to be sitting on a blanket and eating with your hands in a casual environment. While you may be able to mop up some of your sandwich from a paper plate, you really don't want it slopping over your clothes or where you and your fellow picnic buddies are sitting for a pleasant afternoon. What you need is a picnic-friendly, Reddit sandwich hack.

 All you need to do is wrap a piece of lettuce around your sandwich fillings so that they can't slip out. So basically, you're creating a barrier as you lift your sandwich to take a bite. Hopefully, this means that you don't have to grab hold too tight. It's also a great hack if you're eating a sandwich with a burger inside, as the lettuce stops the juices running into the bread and prevents a soggy bottom. You can also reduce carbs by not adding the top slice of your sandwich and just holding the lettuce on top and the bread slice underneath as you take a bite. 

13. Butter your bread for a moisture-free barrier

As well as all the fantastic sandwich ideas that are out there, a big consideration when you're setting out for a picnic is to make sure that your food is not only edible but also tastes fresh. Sandwiches prepared in advance can soon start to deteriorate, but with a smart strategy, you can keep your bread dry and still enjoy some fabulous fillings. All you need is some picnic sandwich know-how, with a tip or two courtesy of GoodtoKnow.

Make sure that your first task when making your picnic sandwiches is to butter your bread. This isn't just because buttered bread is so appetizing, it's actually because the fat acts as a barrier covering your slice. This prevents the bread from soaking up moisture and ultimately stops soggy sandwich syndrome. To help this buttery barricade, try not to add in too many wet ingredients either. Tomatoes or cucumbers, for example, are juicy when sliced and it might be best to leave them out altogether or wait to add them until you're ready to eat. Stick to dry ingredients and use these as a buffer surrounding any moist ones. 

14. Create a four-way folding wrap

If you're making a picnic basket full of goodies, you may not want some big doorstop-sized sandwiches taking up all the space. If you're not prepared to make delicate, bite-size sandwiches either, then you could try making a folded sandwich wrap instead. Not only does it mean that your fillings don't spill out, but you can even keep them separate, placing them individually between each tortilla fold (via Food Cheats).

While sandwiches may be more affordable, a wrap can elevate the picnic fare experience while still being easy to make. To start, cut from the center of your wrap to the outer edge. In one of the quarter areas alongside this cut, add your filling, then add three more fillings to the remaining three one-quarter sections. Fold your first quarter over so that it covers the second. Continue around, folding this over the third and then over the final quarter. You should be left with a sandwich one-quarter of the wrap size. An additional plus is that you'll never have to bite into more than one layer of tortilla without some filling in between.

15. Choose hearty bread

The whole point of a picnic is enjoyment and relaxation, and once you've settled on your blanket you can nibble away at whatever is in your basket throughout a memorable afternoon. An obvious choice for this type of outing is packing sandwiches. Once you've decided on a scrumptious array of fillings, you're left to figure out how to make your sandwiches so that they travel well and don't end up a broken mess with soggy bread and ingredients all over the place. One trick to keep your sandwiches picnic perfect is to be thoughtful about what bread you're using (via SELF).

While you may like the idea of small, finger-food sandwiches made with thin slices of bread, they're more likely to go soft, letting whatever's inside slide off unless you're exclusively using dry ingredients. What should you do, then, if you want a good selection of fillings that are likely to moisten bread? Aside from stacking them without making direct contact with the bread, choose a loaf that's more robust. A crisp bagette, a loaf of sourdough with a thick crust, or a hearty roll is less likely to succumb to the wetness of your lettuce or even a bit of jostling about in a picnic basket during transport. As the weather continues to warm, plan your summer picnic with some of these culinary hacks for superb sandwiches on a spectacular day of sunshine.