One Beer Brand Has An Unusual Plan To Help Couples Get Married

The first stretch of the COVID-19 pandemic brought many realizations to light for people acclimating to life in lockdown. Those who lived alone may have been shocked to find that they crave social interaction more than they thought. The constituents of "The Great Resignation" may have been faced with a desire for a career change. And others — many, many others — may have realized that they want to marry their partners. According to The New York Times, marriage and proposal rates soared during quarantine months, echoing a trend that links mass matrimony to disasters that remind us of our own mortality. "Getting married during a pandemic feels like a guarantee of safety and stability," a marriage and family therapist told the paper.

Even with relaxed mask and vaccine mandates, the pandemic isn't behind us yet. In fact, the BA.2 subvariant may be sweeping in to replace omicron, per NBC News. With that said, the droves of couples who held off their wedding ceremonies until the COVID waters settled are now causing a major swell in the wedding industry, per a Wedding Report market update. For those who don't mind breaking from their original plans as wedding vendors close up their books, an unlikely business is coming to save the day: Miller High Life. With its new Officiants of High Life program, the "Champagne of Beers" is making wedding officials out of beer lovers.

Officiants of High Life can help anyone get legally married

With its free Officiants of High Life program, Miller High Life is helping out overbooked wedding vendors and taking its "Champagne of Beers" nickname to heart. Thanks to a partnership with the non-denominational Universal Life Church, the program allows any beer lover can sign up on the brand's website to receive an official license to officiate legal weddings. Recipients will also receive an Officiant of High Life membership card, a "beer-lover ceremony script that brings the laughs, romance and wit," and the chance to win a Miller High Life x Tie Bar "formalwear gift set," which includes a leather beer koozie, a "Champagne of Beers" silk pocket square, and a snazzy pair of socks. 

The Hitched By High Life page also offers the chance to win a trip to the Tie Bar flagship store in Chicago, where newly minted officiants can get "a custom High Life suit fitting" for the big day. The page also features some wedding gift ideas for beer-loving couples to be, including High Life-branded coupe glassware. After all, you can never have too many types of glassware. The only thing missing from the program is a couple of cases of the crisp lager, but those shouldn't be too hard to come by. Now, we may know why Miller High Life is known as the "champagne of beers."