Ranking Frozen Grocery Store Lasagnas From Worst To Best

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What better way to satisfy those homecooked pasta cravings than by digging into a lasagna. Thankfully there's no need to labor over the stove for hours. Whether you're busy or just not a fan of cooking, you can let someone else take care of the hard work by buying frozen lasagna.

Lasagna is the name of flat sheets of pasta and also lends its name to the dish that is layered pasta sheets along with sauce and other fillings. According to Italy Magazine, lasagna dates back centuries but has evolved quite a bit over the years. It was originally thin square sheets that were baked. In the Middle Ages, Italians were boiling pasta-like mixtures. And along the way, cheese was added, as was egg. Tomato would eventually also make its way into the recipe.

Today lasagna is beloved as a crowd-pleaser and there are plenty of frozen versions available for you to grab on your next grocery store trip. We've rounded up the most popular brands and ranked them from worst to help make your next run to the store easier!

Marie Callendar's Italiano Lasagna

Marie Callender's claims its Italiano Lasagna is made with fresh pasta and four kinds of cheese, including ricotta. There is also some meat and marinara sauce included for good measure. But with a rating of only 3.3 stars (out of 5) from 67 different customers on its website, it seems maybe the lasagna doesn't deliver on its promises. One diner felt this was nothing more than some pasta with sweetened sauce. There seems to be a lack of meat in this lasagna, even though the image on the box shows a lasagna practically overflowing with meat.

The flavor overall isn't bad. Rather, this Marie Callender's lasagna seems to suffer from a texture and ingredient issue. Thin, runny sauce, and too little meat. Not to mention the ricotta ... or lack thereof. Lasagna should be balanced layers and meat and sauce and this just falls short.

On top of the taste, one customer had a near disaster caused by a smoking entree in their microwave. If you're on the hunt for a quick and tasty frozen lasagna, you could skip this one.

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna

It seems Stouffer's wanted to appeal to all the carnivores out there with this meat lovers lasagna. Instead of simply beef or pork, this lasagna is filled with Italian sausage and pepperoni, along with ground beef and pork. The meat mixture is part of a "hearty tomato sauce" and layered with sheets of pasta and some cheese, for good measure.

This lasagna is about as average as it gets. Especially considering Stouffer's makes another lasagna that's better. Steven Helmer reviewed the lasagna on Wizzley and felt as though the product in the box perhaps wasn't "what was advertised." One does get the impression that this will be bursting with not only meat flavor but actual meat, but that wasn't the case. This is as standard as it gets. It's not a bad lasagna at all, but you'll likely need to add some spices to jazz it up. But when you consider that it's got as much meat as any other lasagna it's not nearly as special as it once seemed.

Udi's Gluten Free Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Living a gluten-free lifestyle, for whatever reason, shouldn't limit your options too much — at least not today, where there's a gluten-free version of nearly all of the most popular foods. Gluten-free brand Udi's, for example, makes bagels, English muffins, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and mug cakes.

So it's not too much of a surprise that the brand also wanted to give pasta lovers a gluten-free option. Although it fills a huge void in the market, this lasagna is another example of how the wrong ratio can completely throw off a dish. Because Udi's is pretty solid on flavor. But some Udi's reviewers reported a scant amount of noodles, with one even referring to the frozen dish as a "lasagna soup." We'll give this dish some leniency because it's tricky to make a gluten-free dish taste exactly like the real deal, but as a whole, Udi's wasn't a fan favorite.

Stouffer's Lasagna with Meat & Sauce

Stouffer's other attempt at meat lasagna also didn't go over well. With so many other options, there's no real point in stooping this low. Stouffer's gets points for availability and convenience but where does it rank when it comes to flavor and texture? The texture is more than acceptable. The noodles aren't slimy or too soft. They manage to hold up pretty well in the sauce and meat mixture, but when looking at the flavor, there just doesn't seem to be much spice here. It helps to amp it up on your own so grab that salt, pepper, and Italian herb blend. If you're looking for an out-of-the-box option that's packed with flavor, this may disappoint.

Some Goodnes reviewers have commented that this lasagna tastes like Chef Boyardee with its sweet and rather spiceless sauce. If you aim to find a meal for picky palates, you may have some luck here, but real lasagna lovers will likely not be fooled. Overall this is not a terrible option, but it won't wow you on the flavor front.

Lean Cuisine Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Healthy-ish frozen food brand Lean Cuisine was at the forefront of American fitness and diet culture that proliferated in the 1980s. The brand was launched as an offshoot of the Stouffer's brand in 1981, as a lighter convenience food option, according to the Nestle website.

While we appreciate the effort of crafting a lighter lasagna, Lean Cuisine is far from the perfect option. Instead of the rich balanced mixture, you expect from lasagna, this is all pasta and sauce. A reviewer on the Goodnes website described it as "meatless" and another described it as "5 stringy pieces of cheese." While everyone may have a different experience, this is probably not the go-to lasagna for that coveted filling pasta feeling. For those looking to cut calories and eat lighter, this isn't a terrible option but be prepared to at least add some of your own spices.

Great Value italian-Style Lasagna with Meat Sauce

While we applaud Walmart's attempt to bring discounted items to the masses, in some cases it's not successful. Take the grocery store's Great Value Italian-Style Lasagna with Meat Sauce by the way. It looks promising, with a box photograph that features proper layers of herbed ricotta and a chunky, fresh-looking red sauce. In order to get to the final product, you have to cook the lasagna properly, and that poses some problems for some people who have tried Walmart's casserole.

If you reference the included cooking instructions, you may end up with a lasagna that isn't cooked properly in the center, with cheese that's overcooked on top, like one Walmart reviewer. Another suggested that this pizza tasted eerily similar to a Little Caesar's pizza that had been left to cool. Great Value has some hits and some misses. This lasagna falls in the latter category, but at least if you're already in a Walmart, you'll have plenty of other dinner options.

Amy's Vegan Lasagna

Props to Amy's for making a lasagna that has no gluten and no dairy products — and the most shocking part is that it actually tastes great, considering it doesn't have the main components that make traditional lasagna so yummy.

A few Amazon reviewers commented on the lasagna's lack of cheese and veggies stating it was a lot of pasta and sauce. And a few others have noted that the portion is small. So depending on your hunger level, this may not be a complete meal, but rather just one component because you may need to add a side dish or two. But enough with the bad, because Amy's vegan lasagna has far more good qualities. It's packed with veggies and makes for a clever way to sneak some veggies into your family's diet. So if you're gluten-free but still want a convenient pasta dinner, look no further than this one.

Kirkland Signature Italian Sausage and Beef Lasagna

Kirkland Signature Italian Sausage and Beef Lasagna falls under a middling category. Is it going to change your life? No. But what it will do is provide you and your family or friends with a tasty meal that doesn't require you to spend hours in the kitchen. Kudos to those who find joy in making long meals but for those who don't, this lasagna comes pretty close in taste.

Pasta.com reviewed the lasagna and gave it rave reviews. The site also suggested you keep this on hand for last-minute meals. It's perfect for unannounced guests because there are about 8 servings of lasagna in one pan. It's got a balanced ratio of noodles, meat, and cheese so that each bite has a little of each. The ricotta blends into the sauce and the flavors are well integrated. Meat lovers rejoice! This lasagna contains sausage and beef and every meaty bite is delicious.

Rao's Frozen Meat Lasagna

As one of the most exclusive restaurants in New York City, according to Vanity Fair, Rao's is known for great Italian food. While Rao's Homemade line is a completely separate entity from the restaurant, the brand strives to produce high-quality frozen goods that deliver big flavor. The brand's frozen meat lasagna touts a fresh-tasting pasta with layers of ricotta, beef, sausage, and mozzarella with marinara sauce. You can also expect some garlic, basil, and parsley to cement drive home those quintessential Italian flavors.

With a name like Rao's you do expect high-quality and while this lasagna doesn't disappoint, it also doesn't over-deliver. One Target reviewer was hoping for amped-up flavor. And another wasn't a fan of the consistency because it was just far too runny. Rao's Homemade lasagna earns its spot from the quality of its ingredients. And if you're okay with adding a little bit of salt, you might find that the flavors pop just enough to make this a great dinner.

Cali'Flour Foods Lasagna

You know that feeling you get when you dig into a gigantic pasta dish? It's exciting because of the carbs but it's the cheese and sauce that make it. So this Cali'Flour Foods Keto Hearty Vegetable Lasagna wants to give you that same feeling with a lot fewer carbs. Maybe you're gluten-free for health reasons or personal preference. Either way, this cauliflower noodle lasagna is a must-try.

It's got the cauliflower "noodles" with veggies like spinach and zucchini, along with ricotta and a tasty tomato sauce. This is grain-free and keto-friendly and since it leaves off the pasta, it's naturally fewer calories than traditional lasagna, if that's something you're paying attention to. Cali'Flour's lasagna may not give you the same pasta glow, but you'll definitely feel satisfied after eating this. It tastes fresh and has a wonderful flavor, but the main draw are the health benefits.

Trader Joe's Meat Lasagna

Trader Joe's can do no wrong in the eyes of its most loyal fans. The grocery store sells prepared foods and fresh fruit, snacks, veggies, and everything in between with funky iterations of everyday products... Cauliflower gnocchi, anyone? And unlike other grocery stores, Trader Joe's house brand is unbeatable. Take the Trader Joe's (or, in this case, Trader Giotto's) family-style meat lasagna. It is a standard lasagna with two layers of sauce and one layer of a cheese and bechamel mixture. Freezer Meal Frenzy found a bunch of reasons to eat this lasagna, with the most important being cheese. The cheese on top of this lasagna stretches and oozes just like in the commercials.

But the cheese inside the lasagna, a ricotta concoction, falls short on texture and flavor. It's still higher quality than some of the other mass-produced frozen food options, but this is not one of Trader Joe's more memorable meals. Good? Yes. Delectable? Hardly.

Michael Angelo's Lasagna with Meat Sauce

If this ranking was based on branding alone, Michael Angelo's just might win. The green box with a clean, vintage font and great photography screams "real Italian food." In this case, thankfully reality isn't far from expectation. Let's start with the texture. Michael Angelo's lasagna with meat sauce is undoubtedly a looser, runnier texture. This lasagna is one you'll need to eat very carefully or out of a bowl. One Michael Angelo's reviewer wasn't a fan of just how loose the dish was and thought it might need more cheese and meat to hold the entire thing together.

Meat lovers may want to keep looking because it seems Michael Angelo's used the meat as a supporting ingredient rather than a feature. It works, because this lasagna has great flavor, just don't expect this to be meat-heavy or you may be in for a disappointing meal.

Amy's Vegetable Lasagna

Amy's has been feeding hungry vegetarian bellies since 1987 when it was just a mom-and-pop operation serving up pot pies, according to the brand's website. Since then, it has helped to popularize organic and vegetarian (now, even vegan) eating and has become a go-to for healthy-ish convenient eating. Amy's has a whole host of frozen and canned foods. The vegetable lasagna is a typical layered lasagna with organic pasta sheets and three kinds of cheese.

On Influenster, the lasagna has a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 114 reviews, so clearly Amy's is doing something right. This could taste like every other run-of-the-mill frozen lasagna, but what Amy's does right is use high-quality vegetables so the sauce is rich and tangy and the vegetables are cooked well and work perfectly with the dish. One Influenster reviewer even describes this as the best frozen pasta dish that they've ever tasted. The only complaint some reviewers had was that the size wasn't big enough. It's a fair portion, but because this dish is so delicious, it left a few diners wanting more.

Giovanna Rana Meat Lasagna

There are all different ways to eat lasagna. Some people may prefer it a little saucier so the noodles slip and slide around a bit, while others prefer it to be drier and keep its shape once cut, almost like a cake. And then there's the filling, you can choose ricotta and bechamel heavy or go for a true, rich bolognese sauce.

Rana's Meat Lasagna is one for those who love a more structured lasagna. While it would be great to whip up a fresh lasagna for dinner, this is a wonderful option for those who want a more homemade taste while saving time in the kitchen. There is enough distinction in the ingredients and layers, with one Walmart customer explaining that the ricotta, meat, and noodles are kept their integrity, instead of becoming fused together. This comes in first place because somehow the pasta doesn't get rubbery, and the sauce, according to Walmart reviewers, is delicious.